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Lack of Supply Chain Visibility, Poor Satisfaction of Customer Demands, Inefficient Planning and Forecasting, Limited Integration between Manufacturing, Accounting, Purchasing, and Suppliers are some of the key requisites of Dynamics 365 manufacturing that can be driven by technology.

Korcomptenz excels in ensuring your manufacturing processes are optimized to increase capacity, reduce waste, and provide analytics for future improvements. We offer manufacturers a partner that understands both the software and the industry.

Implement intelligent production and supply chain systems, advanced warehouse management, and exceptional self-service web or mobile applications by joining hands with Korcomptenz. From ERP Assessment, Microsoft Dynamics 365 , Industry 4.0 , CRM, ERP to eCommerce solutions, we help you establish a qualitative framework and workflow while digitizing your Dynamics 365 manufacturing and plant operations.

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Achieve Double Digit Growth with Azure Synapse

Enterprise-ready cloud that powers complex industrial operations at a global scale.

Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics solutions can empower manufacturers to process a tsunami of data in near real time and deliver actionable insights to improve product innovation, create intelligent supply chains, and enhance factory productivity.

What is the Azure Synapse Advantage?
What is the Azure Synapse Advantage?

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