Transform Your Field Operations with Salesforce Field Service Lightning Implementation

Empower your front-line workers with Salesforce Field Service Lightning implementations, customizations, and ongoing support.

Are You Ready to Revolutionize your Field Service with Salesforce Field Service Lightning?

When a field service solution is either lacking or inappropriately implemented, businesses frequently face challenges such as ineffective scheduling, poor customer experience, communication failures, limited insights, and wasted revenue opportunities. Think of aImagine a scenario when scheduling as well as dispatching integrate effortlessly, tasks are automated, and technicians are perfectly matched to jobs.
Partner with Korcomptenz to transform your operational environment and achieve new heights of accomplishment in the field and at headquarters. Gain real-time insights into agent activities, get customer updates, and resolve issues quickly. Our expertise in Field Service Lightning goes past automation and includes better resource allocation, reduction of cost, and improved performance. Use the full suite of Salesforce unified CRM solutions to upsell as well as cross-sell. Our solutions will empower your frontline workforce by leveraging the capabilities of AI technology.

Enable Your Workforce with Our Field Service Lightning Solutions

Our offerings facilitate the checking, reporting, as well as dispatching of your mobile workers. They enable efficient scheduling, rapid creation, and management of work orders. Our team of Certified Salesforce consultants leverages Salesforce Einstein AI to improve your business’s initial resolution rates. Easily improve schedules and assign jobs intelligently as well as field service calls to the appropriate resource based on expertise, time, and place. We offer a variety of services ranging from field service lightning implementation to customization, integration, and support.

Achieve Remarkable Success with Salesforce Field Service Lightning – The Korcomptenz Way


Intelligent task allocation

Korcomptenz automates job assignments based on skills, location, and timing. Monitor improvement in real-time with a tracking feature.

Smart customer interactions

Agents can be enabled to make faster decisions by leveraging the potential of IoT. Using Field Service Analytics, enabled by our app development solutions, aids you in detecting trends and issues swiftly, thereby improving your mobile workforce.

AI-enabled FTFR improvement

Improve First Time Fix Rate (FTFR) with Einstein Vision and other integrated AI-capabilities. Resolve part-related issues faster by analyzing images for immediate solutions.

Guided mobile interactions

Field service agents or mobile workers can exchange job updates, get access to knowledge sources, see and update hub inventory or van stock, and generate service reports through the Field Service Lightning mobile app.

Easy Case Handling

Streamline work orders and SLA tracking with our solutions. Benefit from integrated articles for efficient case management.

Informed Choices

Leverage our analytics to drive data-informed decisions. Access real-time updates on key performance indicators and progress for strategic planning.

Our Proven Method for Accelerated Salesforce Field Service Lightning Deployment

What Sets Korcomptenz Apart?

Korcomptenz is an optiomal Salesforce partner for businesses of all sizes with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. With strong and proven experience in deploying Service Cloud as well as Field Service Lightning solutions, we offer Salesforce services featuring a convenient Pay-per-Use model, allowing access to our expert professionals whenever required.
Backed by vast industry knowledge and expertise, we are proficient in leveraging the capabilities of Field Service Lightning to propel substantial growth for your enterprise.
Book a consultation with Korcomptenz, a certified Salesforce Consulting Partner, to deploy Salesforce Field Service Lightning for your enterprise. Please contact us for more information.

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