Leverage Comprehensive Insights with ? Salesforce Data Cloud Services

Unlock actionable insights with Salesforce Data Cloud to drive growth and improve customer experiences

Unlocking Customer-Centric Growth with Seamless Customer Data Integration

Salesforce Data Cloud leverages your data to benefit your customers, seamlessly integrated into the Einstein 1 Platform. This integration enables external data lakes or warehouses to initiate actions as well as workflows within your CRM system. Salesforce Data Cloud goes beyond mere data aggregation, it unites complete organizations centered on the customer, enhancing experiences and fostering growth.

Delivering outstanding customer experiences is essential for any organization’s success, given consumers’ propensity to move to alternative brands following negative interactions. Today, you need to comprehensively understand your customers’ needs and offer tailored products and services.

By leveraging Salesforce Data Cloud, combined with Korcomptenz’ proficiency in technologies like Generative AI, businesses can harness the potential of data to build tailored and influential customer experiences.

Harnessing the Potential in Your Data for Personalized Customer Experiences

Develop a Comprehensive Customer View

Build unified profiles for tailored interactions, harnessing your data’s potential, and stimulating revenue growth.

Improve Customer Experiences

Leveraging our robust partnership with Salesforce, provide first-rate bespoke service and experiences, delivering tailored messages to your customers at the right moment and through the optimal channel.

Provide Improved Services

Revolutionize client journeys throughout digital platforms by offering data-driven recommendations as well as insights.

Discover the Value that Salesforce Data Cloud Brings to Your Business

Harmonize your business data

Salesforce Data Cloud gets rid of data silos, establishing a unified platform for accessing and using all your organizational data. Effortlessly include organized and unorganized data such as emails, PDFs, as well as call transcripts into Salesforce.
Utilize the potential of metadata

Utilize the potential of metadata

Salesforce Data Cloud is developed upon Salesforce's fundamental metadata framework, offering a shared language that incorporates every Salesforce application as well as low-code platform services, including Einstein AI, Lightning for UI, Flow for automation, and Apex for extensive customizations.
Cloud Transformation

Generate AI-driven insights from data

Salesforce Data Cloud unleashes the potential of generative AI, fueled by your business’s information, providing reliable, safe, and pertinent results with no costly model training.

Leverage Your Enterprise Data to Improve Customer Experiences


Integrate marketing, sales, service, commerce, revenue, and campaign performance data into cohesive profiles that marketers can rapidly leverage to generate target audience segments and engage them across various channels, facilitated by an intuitive, AI-driven interface.
Automate tailored journeys and update content, messaging, and offers in response to real-time indications from prospect and customer actions by linking CRM data with engagement info from your marketing campaigns, website, and social media,
Evaluate audience and activation performance comprehensively by integrating marketing, CRM data, and commerce with third-party advertising partners such as Meta, Google, and Amazon into a unified dashboard.


Enable sales to respond on customer intent by connecting your CRM data with purchase intent signals, such as marketing campaign engagement, web interactions, as well as social media, to smartly route the most promising leads.
Seize upsell and cross-sell potentials by consolidating your web, CRM, marketing, and entitlement info to identify gaps, spot new upsell prospects, and steer upsell strategies with insights such as purchase likelihood or recommendations for next best offer, drawn from customer communications and entitlements.
Harness customer intent as well as engagement data from social media, web, as well as marketing to prompt real-time alerts via CRM, Slack, and email for your sales reps, signaling optimal times for connecting.


Detect customers showing signs of churn using early alerts from product, IoT, as well as device data, promptly addressing their concerns as they arise. Initiate proactive, multi-channel communications regarding service interruptions to affected customers precisely when they occur.
Initiate personalized onboarding experiences and provide pertinent educational materials tailored to purchase and adoption data. Proactively recognize when assistance is required based on customer engagement info from your support website.
Integrate CRM, billing dispute, case management, telemetry, as well as customer feedback data to achieve a holistic view of service operations as well as customer well-being throughout the organization. Predefined dashboards empower you with essential metrics such as case resolution times, customer satisfaction scores, and agent performance, enabling deeper insights into service performance.


Integrate marketing, CRM, product, commerce, and web engagement data to deliver related product recommendations, targeted promotions, and tailored pricing, boosting cart value as well as revenue.
Integrate CRM, inventory, and order management data to initiate alerts such as back-in-stock updates or automate service case creation, improving merchandising effectiveness.
Effortlessly merge inventory management, CRM data, and order data to understand customer behavior and inventory efficiency, empowering merchants to proactively take actions such as adjusting pricing to improve conversion rates.

Aggregate Data from Various Industries for Personalized Customer Experiences


Tailor every interaction with patients, partners, and providers to achieve measurable results through consolidated health insights.


Enable financial institutions to access data from key BFSI platforms, generating insights to drive tailored and engaging interactions on a larger scale.

Consumer Goods

Strengthen consumer loyalty with data insights in real time and improve margins through better planning and implementation.


Leverage data from customer orders, sales agreements, and external sources to forecast forthcoming demand and strategize production accordingly.


Unifying data for a comprehensive view of customer interactions, enabling smarter, tailored experiences with real-time insights. Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty are achieved through data-driven decision.

Our Offerings within the Salesforce Data Cloud Services

Korcomptenz provides a complete suite of Salesforce Data Cloud and supporting Salesforce services, empowering businesses to maximize their data potential, from enhancing efficiency and customer experiences to facilitating informed decisions and driving overall business success.

Salesforce Data Cloud Advisory

Our skilled consultants collaborate with your team to grasp your unique business goals. They deliver personalized recommendations, optimal approaches, and key insights to boost Salesforce Data Cloud's value in your business, facilitating informed decisions and improving your data management strategy.

Implementation of Salesforce Data Cloud

Our team ensures perfect integration of Salesforce Data Cloud, setting up infrastructure as well as configuring data sources to maximize its potential in your enterprise.

Migration of additional Data to Salesforce Data Cloud

Our migration experts ensure a smooth transition to Salesforce Data Cloud, spotlighting data integrity, security, and nominal interruption.

Salesforce Data Cloud Assessment

Korcomptenz conducts comprehensive audits of your Salesforce Data Cloud to uncover holdups, data quality concerns, and improvement areas. Our audits aim to improve data processes, enhance accuracy, and modernize operations for full effectiveness and efficiency.

Insights and Reporting for Customers

Unlock Salesforce Data Cloud's potential with our tailored analytics and reporting. Gain actionable insights for data-driven decisions, improved customer experiences, and business growth. Customized reports match your unique objectives.

Harness the Potential of Your Data with Salesforce Data Cloud Services

Our team of Salesforce consultants is here to support you with any inquiries about consulting, implementation, support, or any other concerns you may have.

Harness the Potential of Your Data with Salesforce Data Cloud​

Our team of Salesforce consultants is here to support you with any inquiries about consulting, implementation, support, or any other concerns you may have.

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