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The Power of WordPress for Enterprise-Grade Solutions

We’re firm believers that developing captivating websites with user-friendly interfaces is no simple task. By pushing both technical and creative boundaries, we dedicate ourselves to tackling complexities and ensuring the delivery of SEO-savvy and resilient WordPress web development services. WordPress offers stunning tailored and third-party designs, robust functionalities, and the flexibility to create precisely what your business requires.
Who uses WordPress? In short, everyone does. WordPress serves as the content management system (CMS) for 43.4 percent of all websites, totaling approximately 474 million. With a commanding 62.8 percent share of the CMS market, WordPress reigns supreme. Additionally, there are over 30,000 available WordPress themes.
For a platform as widely embraced and feature-rich as WordPress, finding the right partner is crucial. It requires a partner experienced in designing, developing, and overseeing large-scale websites with thousands of pages as well as users. This is precisely where Korcomptenz excels, specializing in enterprise-grade projects that harness best-practice architecture for more security, scalability, and efficiency.

Our Offerings in WordPress Development Services

Core Benefits of WordPress CMS

WordPress, a robust and cost-free CMS, provides a wide array of benefits for developing highly impressive business and consumer websites and applications.


Following installation, WordPress settings and content can be effortlessly managed via the administrative dashboard of a new site. The intuitive interface is simple for beginners to grasp, empowering them to take charge of their content, while also providing professionals with the robust functionality they require.

Robust and Dynamic

Equip sales teams with real-time leads and enable personalized interactions through AI-driven predictions and product recommendations.

Open Source

Proactively identify customer issues and provide agents with detailed customer profiles to improve case routing and expedite issue resolution.

Exceptionally Adaptable

WordPress serves diverse needs, from powering complex websites for multinational corporations to managing small businesses and building personal blogs. With numerous available plugins to expand functionality as required, and its open-source architecture facilitating easy creation of necessary features, WordPress offers unparalleled flexibility.

Korcomptenz is a reputable technology transformation partner and an enterprise-level WordPress provider, boasting extensive knowledge and expertise in the web as well as marketing technology. With a dedication to optimizing your return on investment, we, alongside WordPress, present the ideal solution for your enterprise website requirements. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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