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Reduce time to value, maximize existing investments, and ensure control over your data while meeting compliance requirements. For mid-sized and enterprise businesses, there are a variety of solutions that offer customized reporting. However, not all reporting tools support Business Intelligence. Furthermore, most of these solutions require time and effort to install, set up, configure, and create reports for end-users or the Management Team. To meet the growing demand in the market for business intelligence, several BI, Microsoft Power BI services, and reporting tools were developed. Power BI, Tableau, QlikView, Cognos, BusinessObjects, and QuickSight are some of the new solutions that can help solve your problems.

As a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner, Korcomptenz gives you a competitive advantage with Microsoft Power Business Intelligence BI services, which is essentially an analytical reporting system that allows you to visualize and share data throughout your organization. For the past ten years, it has ranked first in Microsoft Power BI and Analytics Platforms.

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Be equipped to analyze production, sales, and revenue data securely with Microsoft Power BI services, by utilizing industry-standard data security and access controls—while staying connected wherever you are
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Smart connected supply chain provides an opportunity to launch a range of highly personalized add-on services, by gaining relevant insights about their needs.
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Retail & Fashion

Transform your retail operations and improve efficiency by gaining visibility into the insights, patterns, and purchasing predictions across all channels.
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Organize, manage, analyze, and transform data from multiple sources, to improve program impact and identify patterns & opportunities that will help you better understand your supporters
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Microsoft Power BI service increase the ability to stage early interventions to keep students on track while also helping teachers reduce reporting times and promote their professional development and success.
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Improve risk insights & comply with regulatory requirements by using Microsoft Power BI services, to lower compliance costs and protect the bank and its employees.
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FAQ Microsoft Power BI Services

Microsoft Power BI services are well-equipped to handle real-time data and streaming analytics, enabling  your business to gain immediate insights and make timely decisions. Here’s how Power BI excels in this area:

Streaming Data Connectivity: Power BI supports direct connections to various streaming data sources, such as Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Event Hubs, and PubNub. This enables the continuous ingestion of data as it is generated in real-time.

Real-Time Dashboards: Power BI allows you to create real-time dashboards that display live data visualizations, updating automatically as new data arrives. This provides instant insights into changing conditions and trends.

Push Data: With the capabilities of Microsoft Power BI services, it supports “Push” datasets, allowing you to push data into Power BI in real-time from various sources, such as applications or devices. This data can be visualized in reports and dashboards immediately.

Streaming Analytics: Power BI integrates seamlessly with Azure Stream Analytics, enabling you to process and analyze streaming data in real-time before visualizing it in Power BI. This combination empowers you to make data-driven decisions instantly.

Automatic Refresh: Utilizing Microsoft Power BI services, you can set up automatic data refresh intervals for real-time datasets. This ensures that your reports and dashboards stay up to date with the latest streaming data.

Custom Streaming Solutions: Power BI’s flexible architecture allows you to build custom streaming solutions by leveraging its REST APIs and SDKs. This enables you to tailor the platform to your organization’s specific streaming analytics needs.

Real-Time Alerts: With Power BI’s integration with Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow), you can trigger alerts, notifications, or actions based on real-time data events. This facilitates immediate responses to critical situations.

Time-Series Analytics: Power BI offers advanced time-series analytics capabilities, allowing you to visualize and analyze trends, patterns, and anomalies in streaming data over time.

Microsoft Power BI empowers users to create interactive and visually compelling dashboards and reports through its powerful suite of Microsoft Power BI services. These services enhance data analysis and decision-making by providing robust tools for data visualization, exploration, and collaboration.

Data Integration: Power BI allows you to connect to various data sources, both on-premises and in the cloud. This integration enables you to consolidate data from different systems into a single view, providing a holistic picture.

Data Transformation: The Power Query Editor within Power BI facilitates data cleaning, transformation, and modeling. This ensures that your data is in the right format for analysis, enhancing the accuracy of your interactive dashboards and reports.

Visualizations: Power BI, with its comprehensive suite of Microsoft Power BI services, offers a wide range of interactive visualizations, such as charts, graphs, maps, and tables. Users can choose from an extensive library within Microsoft Power BI services to represent data in a compelling and meaningful way.

Drag-and-Drop Interface: Creating dashboards and reports is intuitive with Power BI’s drag-and-drop interface. You can simply drag data fields onto the canvas to build visualizations, making it accessible even to non-technical users.

Customization: Power BI, with its customizable Microsoft Power BI services, allows you to personalize visual elements, colors, fonts, and layouts to seamlessly align with your organization’s branding or specific requirements. This personalization enhances the overall user experience.

Interactivity: Users can interact with the visualizations by filtering, drilling down, and exploring data in real-time. This dynamic interaction helps uncover insights and trends that static reports might miss.

Cross-Filtering and Highlighting: Power BI supports cross-filtering, where selecting data in one visualization affects the data displayed in others. Highlighting emphasizes data points related to user selections, aiding in data exploration.

Q&A Natural Language Query: Power BI’s Q&A feature allows users to ask questions about their data using natural language. The tool generates visualizations and reports in response to these queries, making data exploration even more user-friendly.

Publishing and Sharing: Once created, interactive dashboards and reports can be published to the Microsoft Power BI service, allowing easy sharing with stakeholders. You can control access and permissions to ensure data security.

Mobile Responsiveness: Power BI dashboards and reports are responsive and adapt seamlessly to various screen sizes, enabling users to access and interact with data on their desktops, tablets, or mobile devices.

Absolutely, Microsoft Power BI services offer an exceptional and robust platform for seamless self-service data exploration and analysis. It empowers users to connect to various data sources, import and transform data, create interactive visualizations, and share insights with others, all without the need for extensive technical skills.

With Microsoft Power BI services, you can effortlessly import data from diverse sources including databases, Excel files, online services, and more. The intuitive interface allows you to clean and transform your data using Power Query, a powerful data preparation tool. You can shape and combine data from multiple sources to create a unified dataset for analysis.

Microsoft Power BI services provide a wide range of visualization options, including charts, graphs, tables, and maps, enabling you to represent your data in meaningful and engaging ways. The interactive features allow you to drill down into details, apply filters, and create custom calculations, providing a comprehensive view of your data.

Moreover, Power BI’s DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) language enables you to create complex calculations and measures, enhancing your analytical capabilities. This is particularly useful for creating custom metrics and aggregations.

Sharing insights is made easy and efficient with Microsoft Power BI services. You can publish your reports and dashboards to the Microsoft Power BI service, where they can be accessed by others in your organization. You have control over who can view and interact with your content, ensuring data security and privacy.

Yes, Microsoft Power BI services are designed to handle even the most intricate data modeling and transformation requirements. With Microsoft Power BI, you have access to a robust set of tools and functionalities that enable you to shape, combine, and refine your data in sophisticated ways.

The Power Query feature, integrated within Microsoft Power BI services, empowers you to perform advanced data transformations. You can effortlessly clean, reshape, and integrate data from various sources, ensuring that your data is in the right format for analysis. Whether you need to merge multiple datasets, pivot tables, or apply custom calculations, Power Query provides the flexibility and capability to address complex data transformation challenges.

Furthermore, Microsoft Power BI services support the use of the DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) language. DAX allows you to create intricate calculations, measures, and aggregations that go beyond basic analysis. This is particularly beneficial for scenarios where you need to calculate advanced metrics, create complex business logic, or build sophisticated time-based calculations.

Whether you’re dealing with intricate data relationships, complex business rules, or specialized calculations, Microsoft Power BI services offer the tools and capabilities to accommodate your most demanding data modeling and transformation requirements. You can confidently navigate and manipulate your data to derive meaningful insights, all within the powerful framework of Power BI.

Microsoft Power BI services offer a comprehensive suite of advanced features that elevate data analysis to a whole new level, integrating AI capabilities, machine learning models, and natural language querying to provide an enriched analytical experience.

AI Capabilities: Microsoft Power BI services leverage AI to enhance data analysis. With features like “Quick Insights,” the platform automatically generates relevant visualizations and patterns from your data. Additionally, “Key Influencers” allows you to identify factors that impact specific metrics, uncovering hidden insights that might not be immediately apparent.

Machine Learning Models: Power BI enables seamless integration of machine learning models. You can incorporate predictive analytics and forecasting into your reports and dashboards by embedding machine learning algorithms. This empowers you to make data-driven predictions and anticipate future trends based on historical data patterns.

Natural Language Querying: Microsoft Power BI service provides a natural language interface that allows you to query your data using everyday language. With the “Q&A” feature, you can ask questions about your data and receive instant visualizations as responses. This intuitive querying capability makes data exploration and analysis more accessible to a broader range of users, regardless of their technical expertise.

Custom AI Visualizations: Power BI enables you to integrate custom AI and machine learning visualizations into your reports and dashboards. This allows you to showcase AI-powered insights alongside traditional data visualizations, providing a holistic view of your data analysis.

By harnessing the capabilities of Microsoft Power BI services, you can leverage AI-driven insights, employ machine learning for predictive analytics, and interact with your data using natural language, all within a single platform. These advanced features empower you to uncover deeper insights, make more informed decisions, and communicate your findings effectively to a wider audience.

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