Access Key Insights and Integrated Advanced Artificial Intelligence with Salesforce Einstein AI

Enable smarter, data-driven decisions with our Salesforce Einstein AI and Analytics services for increased efficiency and customer experiences.


Improved Sales Performance


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Develop Intelligent Solutions with Salesforce Einstein and Korcomptenz

Harness the power of next generation Artificial Intelligence and machine learning with Salesforce Einstein to gain valuable insights and transform data into a competitive advantage with Korcomptenz, a trusted Salesforce Partner throughout the cloud ecosystem. Our comprehensive Salesforce Einstein services help transform raw data into actionable insights for designing products, offers, and services, as well as improving customer experiences.
As a complete Salesforce Cloud service provider and a Salesforce Consulting Partner, we ensure smooth integration of Salesforce Einstein with any Salesforce platform, including Sales Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. Tap into our more than two decades of digital commerce and transformation experience to enrich your customer engagement.
Our goal is to effectively leverage vast amounts of data through Einstein AI and Analytics, which streamlines data from various formats and sources within your business. This includes data from service requests, new leads, ad clicks, inventory records from ERP systems, and social media interactions like likes or retweets. With Salesforce Einstein AI and Analytics Cloud services, marketing, sales, services and IT managers benefit from seamless native integration setup, tailored Salesforce apps for data extraction, device-agnostic functionality, and simplified transformation of insights into actionable strategies.
Precisely Target

Precisely target your prospective customers with Korcomptenz!

Transform your CRM and enhance business processes with Salesforce Einstein AI. Korcomptenz offers potent AI solutions to provide your business with a competitive advantage. Leveraging Salesforce Einstein, we simplify your sales, service, as well as marketing operations to drive sales growth and minimize customer churn.
Einstein's Insight

Increase efficiency using predictive data from Einstein AI?

Einstein AI improves predictive analytics, providing data analysis, insights for improved efficiency, and tools to predict behavior patterns, personalize experiences, and reach sales targets quickly.
Einstein's Insight
AI-Driven Marketing Automation

Integrating human perspective into your binary data

Einstein AI gathers insights on how well consumers know your brand and incorporates them into your data to humanize customers’ purchasing experiences. Leveraging ML, NLP, Automatic Speech Recognition, and Computer Vision, it makes your data intelligent, predictive, and discerning.

Develop Seamless Customer Experiences with Smart AI Tools

Einstein's Insight

Uncover insights by identifying patterns in your data.

Einstein's Forecasting Tool

AI without coding that turns your concept into a forecast.

Next Best Action by Einstein

Take action to streamline your process.

Salesforce Einstein: Our Offerings



We assist in integrating Salesforce Einstein features into your CRM plan, creating streamlined solutions for customer management to drive success.


Engage with our Salesforce Einstein team to discover how its AI competencies can support various business units and improve total business impact.


Our Salesforce developers tailors the platform to meet the unique needs of your marketing, sales, commerce, service, and CRM departments throughout the cloud network.


Our experts aid in integrating the AI tool with every Salesforce Cloud product, encompassing Sales, Commerce, Service, Marketing, CRM, and Experience, providing a cohesive experience.


Our Salesforce Einstein Analytics services enable intelligent and faster decision-making by providing related insights into customers and markets.

Maintenance and Support

We assist in unlocking the full potential of one-off Einstein features for your business, leveraging proactive improvements as well as maintenance services.

Boost Sales with Einstein AI: Transform Data into Deals

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Use this AI platform to improve sales, enhance customer service, and accurately predict business outcomes.

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