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In virtually every industry, new, digitally born companies threaten to disrupt industry incumbents. If you don’t adapt to stay competitive, your competitors will. The taxi industry, for instance, has been fundamentally transformed by the introduction of digitally powered, ride-on-demand services. Whether you’re looking to migrate to the cloud or consider yourself a cloud-native company, our Azure Cloud Computing Services, Azure Migration Services, and supporting Azure Synapse analytics services can deliver unique value that helps you stay ahead of your competition.

The magic of Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics Services is brought out best by a partner who understands your needs and can align them with your business goals. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Korcomptenz empowers your entire organization with limitless Synapse analytics to maximize the impact of your data. Azure Synapse Analytics Services produces insights 14x faster and with 94% less cost than other cloud providers, helping you realize ground-breaking value for your business faster and with greater efficiency. Leverage the power of the Cloud with an experienced Azure Cloud Management Partner.

Our Azure Managed Services and Azure Synapse Analytics services will help you make smart, informed decisions via robust, data-focused insights and intelligence.

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Azure managed services

Azure Synapse

Licensing and subscription

Azure managed services

Azure Synapse

Licensing and subscription

Setting up best practices for your
continued success


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Azure vs AWS

Azure vs AWS

Azure and AWS are among the most popular cloud platforms in the market today. Traditionally, organizations use their infrastructure, having their web server or other hardware that they would have to buy and maintain themselves.

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Serverless Apps: Architecture Patterns, and Azure Implementation

This guide explains the components of the Azure serverless platform and focuses specifically on implementation of serverless using Azure Functions.

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