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Improve process automation and enhance workflow management with RPA and DPA

Robotic Process Automation (known as RPA) is an emerging suite of technologies and solutions that augment your human workforce with powerful software trained to perform repetitive, resource intensive tasks. Whereas Digital Process Automation is designed for increasing customer engagement and attaining operational excellence with built in AI, connecting your apps, data and services.

At Korcomptenz, we work with technologies like SAP, Microsoft’s Power Automate, and the platform Automation Anywhere. We can help you with your workflow management automation by connecting data, initiating a trigger, routing information, and tracking the workflow, done digitally through Digital Process Automation. 

As a Managed Service Provider, we can help in automation with:

Focus on creating intelligent digital workplace with intelligent bots while we #FocusOnYou

Focus on creating intelligent digital workplace with intelligent bots while we #FocusOnYou

Set a consultation for a Automation Process Assessment for a recommendation, savings, technology, industry best practices:

Customer Experience

Build apps and design workflows with platforms with low-code and no code applications to get the maximum results for your sales and marketing team with empowering them to build meaningful connections.


All the critical finance related operations that are manual data-related activities related to reconciliation, reports, journal entries, invoicing, can be automated for better budgeting, forecasting and management.

Human Resources

With an automation-mindset, companies are now spending less time on administration and more time on strategy Automate your human intensive processes, like onboarding, hiring, resourcing, employee engagement and more.

Supply Chain

Manufacturers can provide faster service from online sales and order-fulfilment by combining data management, low code applications and DPA and standardise the processes across multi-locations.

Automate your next generation technology and accelerate your business efficiency

with integration of Microsoft teams and Power platform

Automate your next generation technology and accelerate your business efficiency

with integration of Microsoft teams and Power platform

The Micro Power Automate is designed with a #FocusOnInnovation

Our expertise with Microsoft Business Applications helps you:

Unlocking the benefits of Digital Automation Process for your industry specific needs:


  • Lower operating costs and labor savings
  • Product design and Production process improvement
  • Expedite Product Delivery and better end user experience
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Retail & Fashion

  • Improve product availability to fulfil market demand
  • Deliver more value to the customer through improved payment, procurement, inventory management
  • Reduce errors in business operations
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  • Better Customer service levels
  • More accurate tracking and consistent decisions
  • Improved process flow and margins
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  • Enhanced Accuracy and Reduction in Costly Errors
  • Improved Inventory Management
  • Accurate Real-Time Freight Data Analysis
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Medical Device

  • Regulatory requirements and validation
  • Complete traceability and quality controls
  • Build end-to-end supply chain visibility through automation
  • Improve inventory and warehouse management
  • Ensure secure, accessible, and quality experiences throughout the care journey
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Packaging Industry

  • Profound insight into packaging raw materials
  • Improve supply chain efficiencies
  • Observance to regulatory compliances is easy
  • Back muti-country as well as multi-currency environments
  • Automated data entry saving valuable resources and time, signifying more productivity
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Automation + The Resource Crunch

In today’s competitive business environment, resources are tight, and teams are lean. Your employees are at maximum capacity, working overtime to get the job done, and yet it seems like there’s always more to do, some new problem to solve, challenge to overcome, or simply the need to do what you’re already doing faster, better, and more accurately.

Benefits of Automation

Benefits of Automation

These days it seems like a lot of people are talking about automation, using technology instead of a person to do this or that.

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