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With the top ERPs like SAP, Oracle, Infor and Microsoft Dynamics 365, each having variants that cater to all sizes of business, the decision on what ERP is right for you can be quiet daunting. Today businesses need a high-performing ERP solution that is embedded with Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, MES integration, data analytics with predictive and prescriptive capabilities. Organizations invest in ERP for the next five to ten years and prefer to invest in the ones that helps them maximize functionalities in an out of box mode or with lesser customizations.

No ERP can completely fulfill all the needs of an organization, also these systems may be good in financial management, but may fall short on supply chain, or even specialized feature like scheduling. Or for example if the business need is to provide a omnichannel experience then the eCommerce application needs to talk to the ERP, and or being on Cloud may be one of the business imperative, therefore the decision on the ERP cannot be done in isolation, it has to be done by starting from understanding and comprehending every detail of the business – current status, future goals, challenges and opportunities.

Do away with your siloed systems and spreadsheets replacing them with an integrated suite of ERP software to manage all your key business processes. With our ERP advisory and consulting get more discernibility and clarity on all aspects of your organization so that you can easily identify opportunities for more efficiency, enhanced productivity, accountability, and do this in a cost effective manner.

Our ERP Advisory and Consultation Services

Implementing or upgrading an ERP system requires a significant investment of both time and money. That is why you should consider all options and seek expert advice every step of the way. From initial planning to implementation and post implementation support, the right implementation partner can help you ensure a smooth transition.

Modern ERP solutions offer a wide range of capabilities such as inbuilt Artificial Intelligence, IoT integration, process automation, and real time data analysis and insights. With our technology agnostic approach we help you select the right software that perfectly fits your unique business needs

Our Professionals come with industry specific expertise around Microsoft, SAP and Oracle.

Our ERP Advisory and Consultation Services

Today, ERP platforms are rich and more robust in capabilities with increasing inbuilt of artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT integrations, process automation, real-time data, and insights, highly connected, speeding with intelligent technology, all catapulting the trilogy of Digital transformation.

Are you in the market for a new ERP to establishing your foundation or you are looking for a revamp with a ERP that worked earlier and needs a new jump-start. An organization that has grown so rapidly in multi-locations and entities and you need one solution for a single pane view of all your businesses. Talk to our ERP consultants now

Our Professionals come with industry specific expertise around Microsoft, SAP and Oracle 

ERP Advisory Services Deliverables

Deciding on the ERP is a very critical decision that is foundational to the way forward, something that stays with an organization for the next 5-10 years. Consult with us and learn how we have engaged with our customers with a series of practices that include interviews, studies on current systems, assessments of business acumen, workshops, doing the benefit cause analysis, culture check, demos, and following a collaboratively designed approach keeping all stakeholders in mind for a successful choice of a high performing ERP platform recommendation.

Our Team Capabilities and Background

Our team has the right talent pool of Domain experts, Functional experts, Analytics and Data Consultants, and technical experts with diverse industry experience both in ERP implementation and Business Consulting.

Our Domain / Functional Consultants

Our Domain / Functional consultants have over 20+ years of experience in the ERP Implementation and Consulting Practice with varied industry experience in manufacturing, distribution, services, and retail industries. Specific area of expertise includes Supply Chain optimization and Manufacturing, Warehouse Optimization, Distribution Network Optimization, Production Scheduling, and Engineering Design.

Our Finance Consultants

Our Finance Consultants are qualified Charted Accountants with decades of experience in Finance, accounting and taxation, Management reporting, and MIS.

Our Data Analytics Team

Our Data Analytics team is skilled in Data Management, Data Engineering, Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI.

Our Technical Team

Our Technical Team consists of Architects with extensive experience in integration strategies on Microsoft, SAP and Oracle Business Applications and Cloud Tech Stack. Our Certified team has Rich experience across multiple technology environments with special expertise in ERP implementation, Infrastructure, and Cloud Management. They can architect complex solutions that scale and perform efficiently to address the needs of our global customers. 

Program Management Services

We also focus on Program Management Services (PMS) as well. This is when we choose the product and partner and continue with them in PMS.

Program Management Services

We also focus on Program Management Services (PMS) as well. This is when we choose the product and partner and continue with them in PMS.

Program Management Organization

Program Director
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Our Program Management Responsibilities

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With constantly changing customer demands, supply chain issues, shortage of skills, rising inflations, transportation cost, your technology, data and processes must weave everything together. Korcomptenz has helped many mid-sized to large-size enterprises as a system integrator, and implementor, with technical, and functional industry expertise. We offer key services: –

Our ERP advisory and consulting team will evaluate your current infrastructure, and take a look at your existing challenges, risks, and system enhancement recommendations to assist you throughout the process. Understand what’s holding you back by taking a deeper look at the factors that result in your organization’s success. Please connect with us for a free consultation today.

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KORCOMPTENZ founded the enterprise solutions, with decades of combined management and consulting experience, and has spent over a decade carefully cultivating our team, service offerings, and best practices to meet the needs of large, international business with complex ecosystems and requirements.

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