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The K360 eCommerce Suite is a comprehensive web and mobile solution for your online storefront, with shopping cart, loyalty, and portal technology

We have a flexible platform to meet your needs without the hassle.

There is no shortage of platforms in the eCommerce market. We know because we already work on Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Salesforce, Microsoft, and others. We believe in using the right platform for our customer’s needs, and sometimes we have found that the popular names do not have quite the right fit.

The K360 eCommerce Storefront Framework has been designed to make your eCommerce easy, cost-effective, and completely customizable. It’s lighter and faster, more flexible and targeted than other players on the market, making K360 eCommerce Tool an optimal choice for organizations just starting on their eCommerce journey or even established players. The K360 eCommerce Storefront Framework is built from the ground up to include customizable features to support all your eCommerce, plus integration with your existing systems, combining open-source software technologies with reusable features. The result is a targeted and effective eCommerce functionality that will increase your revenue and help grow your customer base.

Boost your eCommerce capabilities with our solutions, implement K360 eCommerce suite for your B2B or B2C business

Our unified commerce offering is designed with a #FocusOnExperience

Our expertise with eCommerce Implementation helps you:

The K360 eCommerce Suite gives you the power to grow your revenue, increase your conversions, retain your customers, and streamline your operations.

Full-featured Functionality

Shopping cart, eCommerce platform, loyalty program, and self-service tools with all the features you need to be successful.

Flexible and Extensible

Customize as you need, when you need, build new features on the framework, or even choose specific features and use cases for your unmet needs.

Easily integrate with existing systems

Connect to Microsoft and Salesforce, or deploy a custom integration, whatever you need to streamline your business.

Expertise of a Proven Partner

Our solutions are designed, developed, and implemented by a proven team with decades of experience in retail and eCommerce, helping you solve business challenges and gain competitive advantage.

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