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Streamline operations and track connected vehicles, cargo such as pallets, parcels, and trolleys, and deliveries in-progress.

Automate and transform your logistics business with intelligent, and predictive technologies

Successful logistics, shipping, and freight companies are driven by a combination of high-performance operations, advanced technology, and streamlined customer experience. High performing organizations leverage intelligent software, sophisticated process automation, self-service tools, and advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things to unlock the potential in their business.

Logistics companies need to partner with organizations that understand the rapid pace and technical complexities to recommend solutions that solve business challenges and gain competitive advantage.

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Experience digitalization with Azure IoT

Azure IoT enhances transportation and logistics with connected vehicles, fleet management, and supply chain monitoring.

Azure IoT Bring greater efficiency and reliability in logistics to your value chain with world-class IoT and location intelligence services.

Improve quality of service, increase safety, and reduce cost by finding smarter ways to get people and products where they need to be.

Benefits of IoT and analytics powered by Azure IoT
Benefits of IoT and analytics powered by Azure IoT

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How does ERP help optimize the supply chain?

The supply chain is considered one of the complex yet vital components of a business. To promote growth, it is imperative to have a robust system that streamlines various processes, including demand, procurement, supply, inventory, transportation, and customer data.

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