Reduce Cost, Improve Quality, and Enhance Productivity with Smart Maintenance


The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated the need for remote monitoring and diagnostics of operations and assets. As the supply chain is impacted from all directions, maintenance can be the steady, reliable part of the puzzle that helps get things back on track.
Across any supply chain, hundreds of critical functions keep things moving. The sales team works with customers. The accounting team tracks finances, customer support maintains relationships, plus logistics, shipping, scheduling, human resources, and many more contribute to overall operations. In this big picture of a typical supply chain, the value of maintenance for buildings, plants, machinery, and vehicles is often overlooked. But maintenance alone has the power to bring the supply chain to a halt in minutes.

Benefits of Smart Maintenance for Stronger Supply chain

Modules of smart maintenance model

Transform your maintenance workloads from reactive to cognitive to become a factory of the future.

The Key takeaways:

Accelerate your move to proactive maintenance with the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. Improve uptime, throughput, and quality by proactively managing shop floor and equipment operations. Save time on maintenance across the company as issues are identified more quickly and identify potential risk and take action to prevent supply chain failures. Korcomptenz is a Microsoft Gold Partner that offers turnkey, cost-effective ERP solutions that help accelerate business operations, generate meaningful insights into the business, and promote digital transformation. Our solutions are suitable for various industries, such as manufacturing, retail, eCommerce, and logistics. We offer a range of services, including implementation services, managed services, advisory, and consultancy, upgrade and migration, system integration, and support and maintenance.

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