Supply Chain Optimization

Build a more flexible and viable supply chain to realize your organization’s and customers’ needs successfully, each time.

What is Supply Chain Optimization?

Optimizing your supply network performance and efficiency to provide your customers with what they’re looking for, when, and where they want the products, and at the same time making your business successful, profitable, and workable. Supply chain optimization leverages modern technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain to build up competence and performance in a supply system.

Key Business Benefits of Supply Chain Optimization

Supply chain optimization assures that your business upholds a competitive advantage when it comes to the manufacturing, supply, and distribution of goods.

We at Korcomptenz, a Microsoft Service Provider are all geared up to implement an avant-garde supply chain management solution to help your organization make the best use of all its features as well as transform your operations from responsive to proactive. Our supply chain management solution will help your business in many ways:

By building a transparent method and leveraging relevant data, our supply chain experts will help you in better planning and informed decision-making. We’ll help you place more precise budgetsdemand planningprojectionsmanufacturing schedules, and capacity strategies into implementation.

Benefit of supply chain networks
Supply Chain Right for You

Top Five Industries Heavily Relying on Supply Chain

The supply chain caters to all those businesses or industries running the economy wheel. Here are the top five sectors banking on supply chain partners:

Five Industries Heavily Relying on Supply Chain

Supply Chain Optimization Journey – The Enterprise Level

Depending on the size of your business, complexities, and requirements, here is the journey at the enterprise level:

Supply Chain Management

Key Business Outcomes

Stock visibility

Supports the latest inventory tracking and precise accessible data, even if you run an organization with greater volumes and several stock-keeping units (SKUs).

Supply chain discernments

Forecast, quickly evaluate, and more essentially reduce interruptions and hazards to improve supply chain efficiency with our AI-powered abilities.

Effective solutions

See every related transaction from one dashboard to fast identify and evaluate problems ensuring effective solutions in no time.

Full visibility of transactions

Make available authorized trading associates with an unchangeable and common history of actual, security-ensued digital transactions powered by our SCM solutions.

The KPIs Impacting Supply Chain

The supply chain caters to all those businesses or industries. When you plan to make your organization’s decisions relevant to business development and growth or enhance your business’s order completion as well as shipping processes or warehouse administration, these KPIs will make it simpler to pursue. The supply chain caters to all those businesses or industries running the economy wheel.

The KPIs Impacting Supply Chain

Key Areas Where Supply Chain Optimization Helps Your Business

Once you’ve implemented the supply chain optimization practices leveraging technology and custom supply chain management solutions, expect improvements in the following areas:

Supply Chain Optimization – 5 Major Improvement Areas

Inventory Control

It has an impact on many other aspects of the supply chain including order fulfillment, production preparation, spare parts, raw materials, and finished items. They all come under inventory control.

Order Fulfillment

Supply chain optimization helps in ensuring your timely orders, order precision, and many satisfied customers. Optimization improves your order delivery by figuring out new techniques to load your business’s shipping transportation quickly and discovering effective routes for the goods delivery.

Demand Planning

Improving demand planning provides your supply chain managers with a clear picture of demand variations so that they can ensure that the correct volume of the stock is available. This way, managers can avoid the additional purchase of not-so-popular products to make available more warehouse space.

Customer Service

Product orders that arrive perfectly on time make your customers delighted. Then, delays happen sometimes. However, when you have a streamlined supply chain system in place, it will send alerts to customers for unanticipated shipment interruptions. This way, you can incentivize customers with product discounts to make up for the delay and retain customers.


With an optimized supply chain, you’ve access to better information and so, can make more confident and effective decisions. With information pulled from our real-time analytics, make an informed decision on the go to help you recover from difficulties.

Solutions to Help with Supply Chain Optimization

Managing your supply chain becomes much simpler when you have the right supply chain solutions incorporated with your logistics.

The solutions are a vital link between manufacturing and product delivery to your customer. A seamless solution will help your company to meet customer requirements efficiently. And so, if you want to optimize your supply chain, here are some of the solutions to consider:

1. Dynamics 365

Create resiliency in your supply chain by leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to allay parts shortages, labor scarcities, setbacks, or other supply chain problems.

Microsoft Dynamics Solutions

2. Porini

Optimize all supply chain decisions backed by AI algorithms, create new solutions recommended by the system, and evaluate those via the typical KPIs and  customized reports.

Porini Solutions

3. o9 Solutions

Streamline your complex supply chain leveraging enhanced operational efficiency with o9 supply chain software.

o9 Solutions

How Korcomptenz Can Implement Your Supply Chain Optimization?

The Success by Design Approach

If you have used any customer engagement tool, you might have heard about “Success by Design”, it’s a consulting methodology. If you want supply chain optimization, we’ll consult with you and understand your entire business process and then suggest which solution you should go with.

Our experts play a pivotal role when it comes to customer engagement and focusing on program success. Success by Design is developed around three key principles:

Our consulting approach is about putting knowledge and expertise of working on numerous projects as well as sharing the best practices and expertise to avert issues for ensuring customers can implement an effective supply chain system with certainty and success. Here is how: 

The Success by Design Approach
Supply Chain Client Success Story

Customer Success Stories

Here are some success stories of customers using supply chain optimization solutions: 

Choosing an Optimized Supply Chain Solution for Businesses

You can optimize your supply chain when you start leveraging the right tools. Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Porini, O9 Solutions, a custom ERP solution for SCM, build a customer-focused supply chain tool to give you accurate insights on your inventory ordering, transportation, and eventual delivery.

With this SCM solution, you can not only keep track of your orders but also gain a complete view of unit quantities, delivery, pricing, as well as payment data. When orders are placed, monitor picking cycles, quality checks, and figure out the most affordable route for delivery. Also, picture data at the simple click of a button to optimize deliveries to cut back on costs and improve the bottom line. Request a demo or free consultation today.

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How does ERP help optimize the supply chain?

The supply chain is considered one of the complex yet vital components of a business. To promote growth, it is imperative to have a robust system that streamlines various processes, including demand, procurement, supply, inventory, transportation, and customer data.

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