Unifying Business Processes with Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations and Porini ERP

One of the world’s top fashion brands in Italy opts for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations to seamlessly perform its operations and enhance its business.


Fashion & Retail


USA, Italy and


ERP Implementation


Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

The client operates worldwide as a multi-country, multi-business, multi-currency, multi-language, and multi-time zone organization, and this is reflected within its business units.

It is structured as branch companies, and its business units operate in one or more countries and in one or more businesses. Each company and branch have to manage its own accounting processes, the stock and distribution network, and its own wholesale and retail channels (shops included).

They lacked a unified perspective of the business across countries and business lines while preserving local control and measurement, and they couldn’t decide whether to operate as a branch or as a subsidiary (company) while maintaining the same view and data.

D365 F&O in Fashion Retail

To unify all procedures and data, the client implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation and Porini 365 ERP globally. They transitioned to F&O with the same chart of accounts structure and segmentation in all branches.

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