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Seamless Multichannel Engagement with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services

Your clientele seeks to engage with your business across various platforms such as email, phone, web, text, and mobile apps. They anticipate a seamless, consistent experience across these channels. Even when your data can accommodate such modern demands, can your technology? Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides the answer. It offers marketing automation, digital advertising tools, and social media marketing to facilitate multichannel customer engagement.
Being a Salesforce partner with over 20 years of experience in the industry, our qualified team collaborates with clients to actualize their preferred customer experiences and achieve precise business objectives. Our proficiency with Salesforce Marketing Cloud encompasses consulting, implementation, integration, and managed services, combining both user experience and technical skills to support all of your customer journeys.

So far, we’ve executed thousands of campaigns for our customers, and we’re poised to assist you as well.

We Help You Navigate Your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Obstacles

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a robust platform for executing and realizing your marketing objectives, but navigating its implementation and utilization poses certain challenges. With an ever-expanding array of functionalities across its diverse product range, Salesforce Marketing Cloud continues to evolve. Moreover, Salesforce’s frequent releases introduce new features that could greatly benefit your business.

An optimal partner helps you understand these capabilities and align them with your objectives and strategies to extract maximum value from the platform. Acknowledging that each business has its unique priorities and hurdles, we collaborate with you to address and preempt these challenges within Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Customize Each Engagement

Marketing Cloud Engagement

Seamlessly connect with your customers via web, email, and phone

Seamlessly connect with your customers via web, email, and phone

Provide individualized customer journeys

Account Engagement with Marketing Cloud

Boost lead generation and engagement using insights from B2B and B2C Analytics

AI-Driven Marketing Automation

Embrace AI-driven marketing automation with Korcomptenz

Whether you are focused on product marketing, branding, growth marketing, or demand generation, our experts will assure that your entire marketing policy is fully automated and seamlessly executed. We start by assessing all digital assets and channels, then analyze the maturity of existing systems to ensure cohesive and cohesive messaging. Our experts collaborate closely with your sales and marketing teams to develop an action plan and boost the adoption of Salesforce Marketing Cloud competencies through targeted content, strong communication, and a community-grounded framework.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Maximize the value of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation with our Accelerators

Do more with less to enable your marketers fully; operate capably and maximize the potential of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account. With our Salesforce Marketing Cloud and accelerators, your business can quickly implement business operations using essential tools to boost brand awareness and engage your audience. We offer Salesforce Marketing Cloud Accelerators, providing you with full control over marketing actions and campaigns to tailor every stage of the customer journey. Our comprehensive services include data migration and streamlining marketing operations through automation.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Achieve Quick Results Using Our Proven Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services

Why Korcomptenz?

Korcomptenz offers diverse Salesforce Marketing Cloud services for seamless campaign management. We strategize, create, and deploy multichannel marketing solutions, driving quick results. Our flexible pay-per-use model ensures expert support based on demand, optimizing performance and costs.


Unlike conventional service models such as fixed-, our model is devoid of bureaucratic hurdles and easy to access.


Our Pay-per-Use model allows customers to opt for our service for a set duration, paying only for the resources utilized.


Our On-Demand services offer flexibility to scale resources up or down according to business needs.


Our On-Demand services expedite timelines by eliminating the requirement for creating Statements of Work , guaranteeing rapid project kick-off and timely product delivery.


There are no fixed-price agreements or cumbersome paperwork We’re available round-the-clock. We commit to knowledge transfer and being available to customers whenever needed.
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