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One of the biggest differences between companies that succeed and companies that fail is the ability to process and utilize data. High-performance organizations maximize the data they generate to develop valuable insights that help them overcome challenges and plan for a bright future. Microsoft Power BI and Salesforce’s Tableau are two leaders in the analytics and visualization market. Korcomptenz offers turnkey services to help you take advantage of your company’s data using the latest machine learning and modeling techniques.

At Korcomptenz, we understand this need for data and analytics services. Our 18+ years in technology and strategy helps us focus on maximizing results for your business in a cost-effective manner. Korcomptenz is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, helping you maintain, modify, and customize your applications seamlessly, be it Business Intelligence, Azure Analytics or Power BI. Our analytics services help you plan better and prepare more ambitiously for the road ahead. 

As Data Analytics expert, we’re skilled in:

Empower your entire organization with limitless analytics to maximize the impact of your data

With Azure Synapse Analytics, an end-to-end analytics solution

Empower your entire organization with limitless analytics to maximize the impact of your data

With Azure Synapse Analytics, an end-to-end analytics solution

Our Customized analytics services to fit your goals

Consumption Services
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Modern Analytical
Applied AI
Deep Learning

Advisory & Consultation

If you are wondering which Cloud platform is right for your business need? you can avail Korcomptenz’s advisory and consultation services and plan out your analytics journey.

Implementation Services

Implement powerful analytics with a single well architected service that combines the needs of big data and data warehouse. Connect with us to know how to plan your Cloud migration, data analytics and AI strategy and plan your analytics insights that can help accelerate your business.

Data Migration

Get advanced data migration services to open platforms backed with latest technologies. Securely migrate databases, websites, and servers, whether you’re moving from an on-premises database or another cloud.

Support & Maintenance

Maximize the utility of BI tools with cloud analytics that bring speed, security, and accelerated time-to-insight with Korcomptenz’s support and maintenance services.

Transform education related data into intelligent actions to manage performance and measure success

with predictive analytics

Transform education related data into intelligent actions to manage performance and measure success

with predictive analytics

Our unique KorOps workflow for analytics is designed with a #FocusOnInnovation

Our expertise with enterprise level Data and Analytics Services helps you:

Unlocking the benefits of Analytics for your industry


  • Connected product innovation to identify new opportunities and reduce time to market
  • Intelligent supply chain to coordinate suppliers and optimize inventory levels
  • Factory of the future to drive new levels of productivity and innovation
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Retail & Fashion

  • Omnichannel optimization to deliver the right product, in the right place, at the right time
  • Personalization to deliver unforgettable shopping experiences
  • Supply chain optimization to close the gap between supply and demand
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  • Fraud detection to combat financial crime and protect the bank and its customers
  • Personalization to deliver seamless banking experiences that accelerates customer loyalty
  • Risk management to enable rapid responses to market needs and compliance
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  • Enhanced operational efficiency through data-driven decision-making
  • Predictive analytics to anticipate demand fluctuations and optimize inventory levels
  • Real-time monitoring of fleet performance to minimize downtime and enhance productivity
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  • Accurate risk assessment and pricing through predictive modeling
  • Fraud detection and prevention to minimize financial losses
  • Claims analytics for faster processing and settlement, improving customer satisfaction
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Data and analytics services always remain relevant since they assist in converting big data into useful information. To this end, certain tools need to be employed, such as Microsoft Power BI and Tableau. This has the effect of presenting large data sets in a more comprehensible way of representation. It also aids in the tracing of trends and correlations that otherwise would go unnoticed. This way, people are encouraged to gain insights in case they have challenges to overcome or if they need to start planning for future development.

The opportunity to take it to the next level is to leverage machine learning and predictive analytics to support these insights. Such a situation enables forecasts to be done better and helps in improving overall operations.

Data and analytics services provide an end-to-end solution that helps integrate big data and data warehousing capabilities. It also allows organizations to unify their data pipelines and manage and analyze large volumes of data. This ultimately helps deliver insights at scale. Hence, the key benefits associated with this process include:

  • Scalability: Handle large data sets and perform complex queries.
  • Integration: Integrate with other Microsoft services to optimize productivity.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Know the true picture and be in a position to make appropriate decisions while they are being made.
  • Cost-Effective: Manage resources more efficiently and minimize the expenses linked to data storage and computation.

Data and analytics services use historical data and machine learning algorithms to forecast future outcomes. It offers specific advantages in different industries, like:

  • Manufacturing: Primarily aims at the improvement of product differentiation, the effectiveness of the supply logistics, and the efficiency arising from predictive maintenance and demand forecasting.
  • Retail: Enhances the means of management of stocks, fulfills the customer’s unique needs and satisfaction and supply chain operations necessary to manage the pull of demand.
  • Banking: Play a crucial role in identifying a number of fraudulent activities, manages and improves risk factors, and enables better focus on customer needs or demands. Therefore, it enhances customer satisfaction and also complies with the set standards and regulations.

Consequently, organizations are in a position to unlock possibilities to monitor the market and respond to risks and opportunities thereby enhancing business productivity and consumer satisfaction with the assistance of predictive analytics.  

A unified and usable data pipeline integrates data from various sources. Later, the same pipeline processes it, and makes it accessible when working with data and analytics services. Its key components include:

  • Data Integration: Combining data from multiple sources into a singular view.
  • Data Processing: Cleaning, transforming, and preparing information for data and analytics services.
  • Data Storage: Efficiently storing data in a structured manner.
  • Data Access: Ensuring that data is accessible to stakeholders and analytics tools.

Having a unified data pipeline is crucial because it ensures data consistency and reduces processing time. It also enhances the reliability of insights derived from data and analytics services. This streamlined approach enables better decision-making and drives operational efficiency.


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