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Unlock your banking and financial business to be more intelligent & connected

Banks and Financial Services industry is at a crossroads, where innovation is imperative to stay ahead. To become more efficient you need to automate back office functions and leverage the latest technologies to find new customers and offer personalized services.

Digital transformation helps banks and financial services industry improve efficiency in every aspect of the business. From finding new customers and managing credit risks of non-performing assets to compliance and internal process improvement to reduce costs, finding the right technology solutions is the key to drive long term profitable growth. 

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Amplify your Banking and Financial Services with Cloud Data and Insights

Improve security and performance while optimizing costs

Generative AI has the power to truly unlock the Bank of the Future with its exceptional capabilities:

  • Improving Customer Service with Virtual Agents, Chatbots and Wealth Advisors
  • Managing Fraud using Gen-AI generated Synthetic Data & Analytical models
  • Enriching Customer Experience through Intelligent Product Recommendations & Portfolio Advisory Agents
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Financial Services

Spot ideal customers and fuel growth with a cutting-edge CMS platform

Digital Banking is a top priority for banks and financial services firms today, especially the growing regional players with big ambitions. At the core of Digital Banking is finding the digital first customers, and for this you need the right advertising strategies, go-to-market strategies, and the right Content Management System to manage all the content.

Engaging and Frictionless Experience

Redefine customer centricity for your banking and financial business with powerful CRM capabilities

Increase sales, convert more leads, and personalize customer journeys with Korcomptenz’s robust CRM solutions for banking and insurance companies. Advanced reporting and analytics help generate authentic and qualified leads that you can nurture with automated outreach tools and personalized scripts to increase conversion rates.

Engaging and Frictionless Experience
Claims Management for your Insurance business

Enhance customer journeys with a unified customer data platform

Modern BFSI companies must provide their customers with an engaging and frictionless experience with personalization and self-service capabilities. Korcomptenz can help you create Customer Data Platforms (CDP) that manage all your customer data to provide the granular insights required to create automated workflows for seamless customer interactions like instant decisioning and credit scores for loan apps and personalized emails tailored to unique customer needs.

Smarter and Faster Claims Management

Unleash a smarter and faster claims management for your insurance business

Efficient claims management is a common challenge for the insurance sector. If you need to drive higher quality in claims assessment, management, and administration, an AI and ML-powered Analytics solution can exponentially increase productivity and accuracy. Unlock a smarter claims management solution that improves the predictability of reserves and fraud, pre-assessment of claims, and automated damage evaluation.

Smarter and Faster Claims Management
Azure Virtual Desktop

Navigate Success with Our Affordable Azure Virtual Desktop Solution

Achieving business continuity, securing sensitive data, and enabling a mobile workforce is paramount for success. Meet your current business demands with Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), a tailored cloud-based VDI solution crafted for the BFSI industry. Experience minimal downtime, unparalleled scalability, and steadfast reliability to ensure constant availability.

Cybersecurity Solution

Fortify Your Future: Tailored Cybersecurity Solutions for Your Data, Infrastructure, and Applications

Amidst the transition to hybrid work and a more complex threat environment, safeguarding a secure and resilient business has become a top-level directive. Beyond defending against cyber threats, organizations must prioritize continuity and recovery in the event of disruptions. Our comprehensive approach empowers you to foresee, shield against, endure, and rebound from any adverse cyber events.

Cybersecurity Solution

Comprehensive solutions for Banking and Financial Services industry

Refine your advertisement strategies: Advertising and Marketing Strategies from top and boutique ad agencies based in New York City and New Jersey.
Run omnichannel campaigns: Sharpen your go-to-market strategies with the right tools and technologies like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CE, and more.
Manage your data efficiently: Create a Customer Data Platform, understand your customer journeys, and visualize all the data to gain meaningful insights to improve your customer acquisition strategies.

Transform your banking and financial operations with seamless cloud migration to optimize operations, enhance data security, and customer experience.

Transform your banking and financial operations with seamless cloud migration to optimize operations, enhance data security, and customer experience.

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