Deliver Smart Services on Site with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Accelerate and optimize your Microsoft Dynamics 365 field service delivery with advanced tools for technicians, predictive maintenance, and connected data insights

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE Field Service combines a cloud-first architecture with a powerful mobile app to enhance productivity, and create hyper-personalized customer experiences

The goal of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Smart Field Service Management Platform is to enable personalized, consistent experience for your customers while offering companies the ability to respond at lightning speed with full operational visibility to service history, assets, maintenance records, SLAs, workforce management, shift supervision, resource logistics, and real-time support. This cloud-first platform helps you scale elastic operations to match customer demand, drive meaningful action with proactive service and resource optimization, and empower technicians and agents with the right tools at the right time.

Korcomptenz is a Microsoft Gold Partner that specializes in implementation and support services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service and supporting technologies.This platform helps organizations deliver superior service, delighting their customers and improving their bottom line. Collectively, these field service technologies empower your service teams to act as the trusted front line of your company by providing meaningful insights and connected experiences from anywhere, at any time.

Unlocking the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service for your industry

Unlocking the power of connected resources across all services

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Infused with intelligence and built for agility, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service is an all-in-one unified platform


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service includes several advanced features that help boost the productivity of technicians. Here’s how.

The mobile app provides on-demand filtered service history, asset, and maintenance records of the equipment. This means that technicians can access all statistics that they need without having to search for them individually. It also ensures that they are properly prepared before attending a service station or any service location.

The app also includes offline settings so that the technicians can work even when there is no internet connection available. It has features such as scheduling and dispatch which helps in planning of routes and selecting the right technician to handle a given task. It ultimately helps to cut down time for traveling hence increasing efficiency.

Thus, technicians should be able to use such tools to work more, enhance productivity, and satisfy the customers.

  • Predictive maintenance with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service involves using data insights and IoT capabilities. This helps anticipate and prevent equipment failures before they occur. The same approach offers several benefits:
  • Reduced Downtime: Continuous operation can be achieved by preventing undesired time for business by forecasting and solving potential problems causing equipment failure.
  • Cost Savings: Preventative maintenance helps to minimize the chances of requiring immediate attention to the equipment. This has also a general effect of prolonging the lifespan of equipment, which translates to huge savings.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Preventive measures will have the effect of making customers suffer lesser downtimes, hence they enjoy better quality service.
  • Resource Optimization: Technicians can be scheduled more efficiently. This is because maintenance tasks can be planned during less critical periods. It leads to a balance between the workload and resource usage.

Thus, predictive maintenance helps organizations deliver more reliable services. It also helps them reduce costs and enhance customer satisfaction.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service leverages a cloud-first architecture for full operational visibility. This visibility includes access to service history, assets, and maintenance records. It may also include SLAs, workforce management, shift supervision, and resource logistics. This is how the field service ensures a personalized and consistent customer experience by providing real-time data and insights.

Meanwhile, field service teams can personalize their interactions to meet individual needs by having a comprehensive view of each customer’s service history and preferences.

Real-time support and connected data insights further enable quick responses to customer inquiries and issues. The platform’s ability to scale operations to match customer demand ensures that customers receive efficient services.

This combination of personalized attention and consistent, high-quality service helps build strong customer relationships and loyalty.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service integrates multiple functions and processes into a cohesive system. Its key features include:

  • Cloud-First Architecture: Offers business satisfaction through its scalability and flexibility giving businesses the ability to meet demands and cope with conditions on the ground.
  • Mobile App: Supports technical staff with relevant information and devices necessary for their duties in real-time.
  • Connected Data Insights: Synchronize data from multiple sources in order to provide insights and allow for decisions to be made based off of them.
  • Proactive Service and Resource Optimization: Uses predictive analysis and IoT features that help to minimize the time needed to figure out when and what kind of services are required by the clients and to allocate the resources appropriately.
  • Comprehensive Operational Visibility: Offers a detailed view of service history, assets, maintenance records, SLAs, workforce management, and more. This ensures informed decision-making and efficient service delivery.

Thus, the all-in-one platform streamlines field service operations, enhances collaboration, and provides the intelligence. This is usually needed to deliver superior service and improve business outcomes.

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