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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is revolutionizing businesses like never before. The seamless connectivity and integration of different business processes and devices creates new levels of efficiency and open the doors for new opportunities. By leveraging cutting edge solutions offered by SAP and Microsoft, Businesses today can gain new insights from their data in real time, optimise operations, reduce downtime, and enhance productivity. 

Korcomptenz has been helping to manufacture and retail businesses leverage the benefits of IIoT. Though our technology consultancy and implementation services, our clients have been able to optimize supply chains, reduce cost of operations, and gain a range of other benefits. 

How can Azure IoT Suite help you with your Business?

Connect your data to your
decision making with Azure IoT

Connect your data to your decision making with Azure IoT

Once you’ve decided that you need the business value that only IIOT solutions can provide, it’s time to start planning.

Getting leadership buy-in

From the leaders’ point of view the project has to meet specific business needs that are critical. Bringing in evidence of competitor activity would highlight the urgency of competing effectively using IoT and show viability as evidenced by the competition. 

Motivating team adoption

IoT can have a positive impact on the culture, morale and overall operational performance of your business. Attaining bottom-up support can be challenging if employees perceive IoT to be a threat to their current job.

Creating a cross-functional team

IoT spans across many departments of your business, breaking down silos by creating a cross-functional team to access data and insights make it compelling advantage.

Having a Data-mindset

It is critical to have a plan for data from the beginning and make interoperability – including centralization of information (in a single data lake), consistent interfaces between applications, standardized integration opportunities, and open standards – part of the selection criteria for IoT platforms.

Focus on creating smart connected products with Azure IoT

Focus on creating smart connected products with Azure IoT

Top Eight Case Scenarios on IIOT with #FocusOnDigitalTransformation

Top Eight Case scenarios on IIOT with #FocusOnDigitalTransformation

Our expertise with Enterprise level Cloud Services helps you:

Unlocking the benefits of the IIOT Process for your -industry-specific needs:


  • Increase equipment reliability with prescriptive maintenance
  • Connect with advanced industrial ecosystem
  • Simplify complex environment
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Retail & Fashion

  • In-store analytics
  • Digital distribution and fulfilment centres
  • Smart Inventory management and connected Logistics
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  • Fleet operations (delivery routes, monitor performance, and respond to delays)
  • Intelligent Supply chain management.
  • Smart city and mobility management
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  • Deliver services, anywhere at any time
  • Front-end donor experience
  • Back-end management software
  • Digitalizing process
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Medical Device

  • Regulatory requirements and validation
  • Complete traceability and quality controls
  • Build end-to-end supply chain visibility through automation
  • Improve inventory and warehouse management
  • Ensure secure, accessible, and quality experiences throughout the care journey
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Packaging Industry

  • Profound insight into packaging raw materials
  • Improve supply chain efficiencies
  • Observance to regulatory compliances is easy
  • Back muti-country as well as multi-currency environments
  • Automated data entry saving valuable resources and time, signifying more productivity
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Impact of IOT in Manufacturing Thumbnail

Impact of IOT in Manufacturing

The Internet of Things (IoT) is more than the latest buzzword in technology. It’s a real game-changer that can create business value from previously hidden data, especially for manufacturers.

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