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Microsoft Dynamics 365 certified intelligent apps help businesses adapt to changing market trends with agility by fostering connectivity in their systems. This cloud-based solution helps you improve operations, boost customer relationships, and create impact faster with continuous insights. Korcomptenz, as one of the top Microsoft dynamics certified partners and consultants, works with these game-changer apps to maximize the benefits for your businesses.

The magic of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is brought out best by a partner or a consultant who understands the Digital Transformation technology and can align it with your goals. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics 365 Partner, Korcomptenz offers a suite of Dynamics 365 solutions designed to harness ERP, cloud, analytics, AI, and IoT for your business. Whether you want to streamline your business or expand it with eCommerce, we can partner with you to get there with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution providers to resolve your current status on timeline delays, increasing costs, and issues on Migrations, UAT, or change management.

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On-premises to cloud migration on ERP and CRM

Azure managed services

Health check and performance tuning

Licensing and subscription

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Yes, it can. Dynamics 365 is designed with robust integration capabilities that allow seamless connectivity with a wide array of systems and software. Its flexible architecture and extensive set of tools facilitate smooth integration, enabling your organization to achieve a cohesive and interconnected digital environment. As a one of the major Microsoft Dynamics certified partners, we can help you integrate with wider systems.

Dynamics 365 offers various integration options to cater to your diverse needs:

Out-of-the-box Integrations: Dynamics 365 comes with pre-built connectors that enable straightforward integration with popular Microsoft products such as Office 365, SharePoint, and Power BI. This ensures a unified experience and maximizes productivity across different applications.

Custom Integrations: For specialized requirements you can trust reputed Microsoft Dynamics solution providers. Dynamics 365  provides the flexibility to create custom integrations using tools like Azure Logic Apps, Microsoft Flow, and Azure Functions. These tools empower you to design tailored workflows and connect Dynamics 365 with a wide range of third-party systems and services.

APIs and Web Services: Dynamics 365 exposes a comprehensive set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and web services, allowing developers to establish secure connections and exchange data with external systems. This facilitates real-time data synchronization and ensures up-to-date information across your entire ecosystem.

Middleware and Integration Platforms: Organizations can leverage middleware and integration platforms such as Azure Service Bus, Azure Integration Services, and other third-party solutions to orchestrate complex integrations between Dynamics 365 and various enterprise applications, databases, and cloud services.

Data Import/Export: Dynamics 365 provides data import and export functionalities through Excel, CSV files, and data migration tools. This enables you to efficiently migrate data from legacy systems or other software applications into Dynamics 365.

Hybrid Deployments: If your organization operates in a hybrid environment with on-premises and cloud-based systems, Dynamics 365 allows you to establish seamless connections between them, ensuring consistent data flow and business processes.

IoT and Advanced Analytics: Dynamics 365 integrates with IoT (Internet of Things) devices and advanced analytics platforms, enabling you to gather real-time insights from connected devices and utilize data-driven decision-making to optimize processes.

Dynamics 365 presents an extensive array of customization choices to mold the platform according to your organization’s distinct operations and needs. As a prominent certified partner in the Microsoft Dynamics realm, we acknowledge that customization can indeed be pursued, but we advise careful consideration, particularly if the business imperative is substantial.

The platform furnishes a diverse spectrum of customization avenues, enabling businesses to align the system with their requisites, even in cases of pronounced necessity. Nevertheless, drawing from our experience as seasoned Microsoft Dynamics solution providers, we underscore the significance of a deliberate approach to customization. This approach should factor in the enduring implications for system upgrades and maintenance.

We advocate the utilization of the in-built configuration tools and adherence to best practices as guided by Dynamics 365 consultants. This approach ensures the creation of a solution that is scalable and sustainable for your organization’s ongoing growth and success.

Dynamics 365 emerges as a dynamic and robust platform, furnishing potent instruments to elevate and streamline Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processes. Here’s how it achieves this:

Holistic Customer View: Dynamics 365 serves as a central hub for aggregating customer interactions, communication history, purchase behaviors, and preferences. This comprehensive perspective equips your teams with a deeper understanding of customer needs, enabling tailored interactions.

Tailored Engagement: Within Dynamics 365, you can shape personalized marketing campaigns and communication strategies. Harness customer data to dispatch targeted messages, offers, and content, fostering heightened engagement and loyalty. Our role as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner encompasses guiding you in achieving this personalized engagement.

Optimized Sales Processes: The sales tools embedded in Dynamics 365 facilitate the streamlining and automation of your sales procedures. With structured tracking of leads, opportunities, and sales activities, your sales teams can focus on pivotal deals, expediting closures.

Efficient Customer Service: Dynamics 365 boasts robust case management and service ticketing functionalities. Your customer service units can adeptly manage and resolve customer inquiries, grievances, and concerns, thus elevating overall customer contentment.

Omni-Channel Interaction: Engage customers across diverse channels such as email, chat, social media, and phone. Dynamics 365 captures interactions from these touchpoints, yielding a holistic insight into customer engagement.

Insights Driven by Data: Rely on Dynamics 365’s advanced analytics and reporting capabilities to glean precious insights into customer behaviors, trends, and preferences. Leverage this data to make informed decisions and fine-tune your CRM strategies.

Workflow Streamlining: Dynamics 365 empowers you to automate routine tasks and workflows, liberating your teams from manual processes. This freedom enables them to concentrate on forging meaningful relationships and delivering extraordinary customer experiences.

Integration Aptitude: Seamlessly integrate Dynamics 365 with other Microsoft tools like Outlook and Office 365, nurturing seamless communication and data sharing. The platform also seamlessly integrates with third-party applications, bolstering your CRM capabilities. As a prominent Microsoft Dynamics certified partner, we shoulder your integration requisites.

Customer Insights: Dynamics 365 Customer Insights unifies customer data from varied sources to construct a comprehensive profile. This propels data-informed decisions, audience segmentation, and the delivery of personalized experiences.

As one of the reputed Microsoft dynamics certified partners, we’ll help you harnesses the power of advanced analytics and AI to offer predictive insights that significantly impact sales forecasting, customer behavior understanding, and efficient inventory management. By integrating these capabilities, Dynamics 365 empowers your organization to make well-informed, data-driven decisions:

Sales Forecasting: Dynamics 365 utilizes AI algorithms to analyze historical sales data, market trends, and other variables. This enables accurate and actionable sales forecasts, helping your teams allocate resources, set targets, and make informed sales strategies.

Customer Behavior Understanding: With AI-driven analysis, Dynamics 365 examines customer interactions, purchase patterns, and preferences. This deep understanding enables personalized engagement strategies, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Talk to one of the Microsoft Dynamics solution providers to meet your precise business needs.

Inventory Management Optimization: Advanced analytics in Dynamics 365 processes data from various sources, such as sales history and demand patterns. The AI-powered insights aid in optimizing inventory levels, reducing surplus stock, and minimizing stockouts.

Dynamics 365 is meticulously designed for substantial customization, catering to a broad array of industry requisites spanning healthcare compliance, financial regulations, and manufacturing process automation. For precise alignment, it’s prudent to seek guidance from Microsoft Dynamics certified partners. As Dynamics 365 partners, we offer dedicated support to address distinct industry demands:

Healthcare Compliance: Dynamics 365 is flexible to be tailored in accordance with rigorous healthcare regulations, such as HIPAA. You can configure data access controls, institute secure patient record management, and establish workflows that ensure strict compliance with healthcare privacy and security benchmarks.

Financial Regulations: Dynamics 365 can be adeptly molded to adhere to financial regulations like SOX or IFRS. Customized workflows, audit trails, and data encryption can be implemented to uphold the precision, transparency, and security of financial data.

Manufacturing Process Automation: For the manufacturing sector, Dynamics 365 can be personalized to streamline production processes, orchestrate supply chain logistics, and automate quality control assessments. This guarantees efficient operations, optimized resource utilization, and unwavering product quality.

Pharmaceutical Compliance: Within the pharmaceutical industry, Dynamics 365 emerges as a stalwart in aligning with regulations such as FDA guidelines. You can architect workflows for drug development, oversee clinical trials, and manage regulatory submissions. Throughout, stringent data integrity and documentation standards are upheld.

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