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Cloud computing is a key enabler of digital business transformation. Delivering high-quality, cost-effective, and secure application services on-demand is how industries are being disrupted worldwide, but how do you get there? Our Microsoft Azure, SAP HANA Cloud, AWS, and Oracle cloud managed services can help you achieve your desired cloud computing state across hybrid cloud environments and software-defined data centers.

Korcomptenz, with 19+ years of experience in the technology landscape, has expertise in Microsoft Azure, SAP HANA Cloud, AWS, and Oracle. We help businesses with cloud consulting services in bringing their IT vision to life. We help you accelerate, strategize, and drive security, agility, and mobility, providing your business with tangible value demonstrated in lowered cost of ownership, and optimization with the right cloud migration strategies.

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Our capability around Cloud Managed Services expands through cloud, data, and applications. Our consultants have expertise in SAP HANA Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Oracle and we have experience in:

Optimize Your Cloud Costs with Cloud Managed Services

Understand Cloud Economics and avail benefits of best Cloud Practices to Derive Maximum Value from Your Cloud Investment.

Optimize Your Cloud Costs

Understand Cloud Economics and avail benefits of best Cloud Practices to Derive Maximum Value from Your Cloud Investment.

Leverage Cloud Managed services for SAP HANA Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Oracle to fit your goals

Cloud Consulting & Advisory Services

Meet your digital transformation goals and achieve higher productivity with a spectrum of cloud managed services for IaaS, PaaS & SaaS platforms with our top cloud consultants in a cost-effective manner.

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Cloud Adoption & Migration Services

Migrate your legacy, on-prem applications, infrastructure, or data from any platform to Cloud with our tailored migration strategies that take you from the ground to the Cloud seamlessly.

App Modernization

Complete transformation of your legacy applications depending on your requirements to achieve scalability, reduce IT costs, and boost operational efficiencies for a complete business makeover.

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Cloud Analytics & AI

Data-driven insights derived from integrated power of advanced analytics and Cloud solutions. Take informed business decisions and employ AI to optimize your business value.


Enhance your ability to deliver services at a greater speed with DevOps, a set of practices that integrates IT Teams and software development.

Respond to cyber-threats faster with Darktrace' s Self-Learning AI

Deploy Darktrace Solutions and make your business immune to cyber attacks.

Respond to cyber-threats faster with Darktrace' s Self-Learning AI

Deploy Darktrace Solutions and make your business immune to cyber attacks.

Upgrade your cloud quotient with our Cloud Managed Services designed with a #FocusOnMobility

Our expertise with Enterprise level Cloud Managed Services helps you:

Unlocking the Benefits of Cloud consulting services for Your Industry


  • Achieve agility, save costs, and increase resilience in your supply chain
  • Increase equipment reliability with prescriptive maintenance
  • Connect with advanced industrial ecosystem
  • Simplify complex environment
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Retail & Fashion

  • In-store analytics
  • Digital distribution and fulfillment centers
  • Keep your supply chains agile
  • Smart Inventory management and connected Logistics
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  • Fleet operations (delivery routes, monitor performance, and respond to delays)
  • Intelligent Supply chain management
  • Smart city and mobility management
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  • Deliver differentiated customer experiences.
  • Modernize data centers to enable real-time payments & generate new revenue streams.
  • Improve risk insights and comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Combat financial crime.
  • Optimize data governance.
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Medical Device

  • Regulatory requirements and validation
  • Complete traceability and quality controls
  • Build end-to-end supply chain visibility through automation
  • Improve inventory and warehouse management
  • Ensure secure, accessible, and quality experiences throughout the care journey
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Packaging Industry

  • Profound insight into packaging raw materials
  • Improve supply chain efficiencies
  • Observance of regulatory compliances is easy
  • Back muti-country as well as multi-currency environments
  • Automated data entry saves valuable resources and time, signifying more productivity
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FAQ on Cloud Managed Services

The domain of Cloud Managed Services encompasses a wide range of functions including management of cloud infrastructure, data administration, and support for applications. The consultants possess expertise in a variety of platforms including SAP HANA Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Oracle. The suite of services typically provided includes:

Cloud Infrastructure Oversight: This involves the supervision of various components within your cloud setup, including virtual machines, storage, and networking. Cloud consulting services encompass tasks such as provisioning, monitoring, scaling, and ensuring high availability to optimize your cloud infrastructure.

Security Management: Cloud managed services frequently incorporate security measures aimed at protecting your data and applications. This involves activities such as managing identity and access, implementing encryption, conducting vulnerability assessments, and monitoring compliance.

Backup and Disaster Recovery: These cloud consulting services revolve around establishing regular data backup protocols and devising strategies for recovering from unexpected incidents or disasters. The goal is to ensure uninterrupted business operations and minimize data loss.

Performance Monitoring and Enhancement: Cloud managed service providers keep a close watch on the performance of your applications and infrastructure to identify performance bottlenecks or areas that could be optimized. This may entail adjusting resource allocation and fine-tuning performance.

Patch Management: Regular updates and patches are crucial for maintaining the security and stability of your cloud environment. Cloud managed services offered by cloud service providers ensure the timely application of patches while ensuring that your operations continue uninterrupted.

Cost Optimization: Providers assist you in maximizing cost efficiency by analyzing your cloud usage, identifying underutilized resources, and recommending strategies for cost reduction.

Service Integration: Managed services play a role in integrating different cloud services and tools to create a cohesive and seamless environment.

24/7 Technical Support: One of the primary features of managed services is round-the-clock technical support that swiftly addresses any issues that may arise.

Automation and Orchestration: Cloud managed services leverage automation to streamline tasks such as provisioning, scaling, and resource management. Orchestration ensures effective collaboration between different processes.

Vendor Management: Cloud managed service providers can manage interactions with cloud vendors, oversee contracts, and ensure that you are maximizing the benefits of your cloud subscriptions.

Cloud Managed Services provider goes beyond offering technical support; they possess the expertise to navigate evolving industry regulations. Let’s delve into how such a provider enhances security:

Ensuring Governance & Compliance: Cloud managed service providers stay updated on industry regulations like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, and more, relieving internal teams from the burden of constantly changing requirements.

Preventing Security Misconfigurations: Seasoned cloud security services detect and address threats, preventing security compromises that might arise from misconfigurations or mistaken safe tagging of malicious files.

Expertise in Multi-Cloud Administration: They bring multi-cloud administration expertise, managing diverse cloud ecosystems and CSPs without the need for extensive internal investment. Cloud consulting services facilitate seamless management across different clouds, enhancing your operational efficiency.

Efficiency through Automation: By configuring your network to best practices and employing automation, the dependency on manual effort is reduced, resulting in enhanced security and reduced management time and costs. Cloud service providers ensure your network is optimized for efficiency and security.

Robust Data Protection: Cloud managed services offer real-time threat detection, 24/7 monitoring, and data protection for sensitive information. Proactive defense ensures rapid risk identification and mitigation, preserving the integrity of your business, financial, and customer data across diverse environments.

Incident Response and Recovery: Cloud consulting services have well-defined incident response plans in place. In the event of a security incident, they take immediate action to contain the threat, investigate the incident, and facilitate recovery.

Security Audits: Regular security audits are conducted to assess the overall security posture of your cloud infrastructure.

Yes, cloud managed services are adept at handling intricate migration scenarios, even encompassing extensive data transfers and application migrations. These services are designed to ensure minimal downtime and data loss, providing a seamless transition for your organization.

Here’s how cloud managed services excel in complex migrations:

Expertise: Cloud service providers possess the expertise required for intricate migrations. Their experience spans a range of scenarios, allowing them to anticipate challenges and plan accordingly.

Detailed Planning: These cloud consulting services conduct thorough planning, assessing your organization’s specific requirements and intricacies of the migration. This ensures a well-structured approach to minimize disruption.

Efficient Data Transfer: Cloud managed services employ strategies for large-scale data transfers, utilizing efficient data migration tools and techniques. This reduces transfer times and mitigates the risk of data loss.

Application Migration Strategies: They employ proven strategies for application migrations, ensuring that critical applications are moved without compromising functionality or performance. Cloud consulting services provide the expertise needed to execute seamless migrations that drive your business forward.

Minimal Downtime: Cloud managed services implement migration strategies that prioritize minimal downtime. This may involve using techniques such as incremental migration, load balancing, and failover mechanisms.

Data Loss Prevention: Robust data protection measures are integrated into the migration process. Data integrity checks, backup strategies, and validation procedures help prevent data loss.

Testing and Validation: Managed service providers conduct thorough testing and validation post-migration to verify that data and applications are functioning as expected.

Continuous Monitoring: After migration, these services continue to monitor the environment to promptly address any post-migration issues that may arise.

Certainly, cloud managed services are instrumental in optimizing costs by offering valuable insights into resource usage patterns and proposing strategies to effectively manage and control cloud expenditures.

Here’s how cloud managed services contribute to cost optimization:

Resource Usage Analysis: Cloud service providers meticulously analyze your cloud environment’s resource utilization patterns. This involves examining factors like CPU, memory, storage, and network usage to identify areas of inefficiency and opportunities for optimization.

Cost Visibility: These services provide clear visibility into your cloud spending. By dissecting costs at a granular level, cloud service providers help you understand where your resources are allocated and which services contribute most to your expenses.

Budget Forecasting: Cloud managed services assist in creating accurate budget forecasts by extrapolating usage trends and cost patterns. This empowers you to allocate resources efficiently and avoid unexpected overspending.

Right-Sizing: Cloud consulting services recommend right-sizing strategies, ensuring that your cloud resources match your actual requirements. This avoids over-provisioning, where resources are underutilized, and helps you scale effectively when needed.

Idle Resource Identification: Managed services identify idle or underutilized resources that might be incurring unnecessary costs. Recommendations are made to reclaim, repurpose, or terminate such resources.

Reserved Instances Planning: They suggest optimal utilization of reserved instances or savings plans, which offer significant cost reductions for predictable workloads.

Spot Instances Utilization: Cloud managed services advise on leveraging spot instances for non-critical workloads, allowing you to benefit from reduced costs.

Cloud Governance: Implementing effective cloud governance policies, and managed services helps enforce budget limits and resource allocation rules, preventing budget overruns.

Cloud managed services excel in facilitating smooth migrations between diverse cloud platforms, ensuring data integrity and optimal application performance throughout the process.

Here’s how cloud managed services achieve this seamless transition:

Thorough Planning: Managed service providers conduct in-depth planning before migration, understanding your application dependencies, data structures, and performance requirements.

Application Assessment: Cloud service providers assess your applications to determine the best approach for migration – whether it’s rehosting, re-platforming, refactoring, or replacing.

Data Migration Strategies: Managed services implement data migration strategies that minimize downtime and data loss. Techniques like parallel data transfer and continuous data replication ensure integrity during the transition.

Performance Optimization: Cloud managed services optimize application performance post-migration by fine-tuning configurations, adjusting resource allocations, and conducting thorough testing.

Network Connectivity: They ensure seamless network connectivity between the source and target clouds, minimizing latency and ensuring smooth data transfer.

Security Considerations: Cloud consulting services meticulously secure data during migration, employing encryption protocols and following best practices to prevent data breaches.

Testing and Validation: Rigorous testing is performed post-migration to verify data accuracy, application functionality, and performance under various conditions.

Monitoring and Optimization: After migration, cloud managed services continue to monitor the new environment, optimizing configurations, and addressing any performance issues that arise.

Backup and Disaster Recovery: Robust backup and disaster recovery strategies are integrated to safeguard against unforeseen challenges during migration.

Minimal Disruption: Cloud managed services ensure minimal disruption during migration through careful scheduling, failover strategies, and rollback plans if needed.

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