Maximizing Office 365


Benefits of Office 365 for Business

Email service within an organisation is like air, a bare essential tool that is difficult to imagine without. Like technology there are many new features and improvements that come with the various Email services available. Here’s summarizing how to optimize and maximize your subscription of Microsoft Office 365 or why it makes sense to Migrate to Microsoft Office 365.

Office 365


Store & Share documents, assign accesses, delegate workflow – Get it done


Start conversations, share knowledge and build communities


Enjoy the full comfort of the cloud – share and access across devices.

Top 10 Benefits of Migrating to Microsoft Office 365

Along with the advantages of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel Microsoft Office 365 offers much more than a traditional email application.

Energize Yammer


Energize your Organisation with Yammer an enterprise social tool that can help increase team productivity.
Accessibility Email


Anytime and Anywhere accessibility on email through the cloud-based email, helps you stay on top of your work through mobile or web.
Low Cost


Low cost of ownership than keeping everything secured under traditional models and or dedicated team.
Span Free


Spam free Protection through Microsoft Office 365 ensuring your email and network is free from spam, computer viruses and malware.


With Microsoft Office 365 learn how you can combine document library, calendar, contacts, and other informational features with best-in-class workflow through SharePoint.

No Downtime

No Downtime with Microsoft having multiple datacentres, located all over the world, If there is an outage at one datacentre, another can act as a backup.


Larger mailbox storage – save every email, without the need to delete emails to optimize on storage, the maximum limit for each email is 50 GB, go easy on housekeeping.
Compatibility of Email


Compatibility of email with other desktop systems: Many companies can’t upgrade all of their desktop systems to the latest operating system. That’s not necessary to use Office 365.
Get up to date version


Get up to date version with Office 365, companies and their users get all the features and functionality of the very latest versions of Microsoft’s server and Office products. Antivirus signatures are kept up to date, and security measures are applied in accordance with the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing initiative.


MS Office is Compliant with government and industry regulations like ISO 27001 standards, completed SAS70 Type I and II audits, and achieved the EU Safe Harbour seal. Microsoft has also added controls for helping customers comply with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). Being Compliant is a big deal! Up-to-date versions.

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