Implement Intelligent Security for the modern workplace with Microsoft 365


The Cyber Threat

Security is one of the formidable areas organizations must focus on in this current economic climate. With more and more remote workplaces coming into existence, the infrastructure must support and meet the demand of remote offices. According to Gartner, the global information security market is expected to reach USD 170.4 billion in 2022. Organizations that are not proactive about improving their security vulnerabilities are predisposed to data, passwords, malware, and phishing attacks. Evidently, RiskBased reported that 36 billion records were exposed due to data breaches in the first two quarters of 2020. This goes to show that it is imperative to perform regular threat checks, including perusing data for unusual activity or changes in access patterns. Experts recommend weekly, monthly, or quarterly checks to keep hackers at bay.

The landscape of cybersecurity is now under a microscope as close to 68% of business leaders expressed concern over data security. And rightly so. It is observed that one of the important reasons for breach of security is human error. Out-of-date systems and lack of robust security plans while implementing third-party applications leave organizations with fragile firewalls and security systems. With more intelligence security fragmented point solutions coming into existence, organizations now understand the need to move from firefighting mode to a proactive mode. Catering to this need, Microsoft offers Microsoft 365 that unites productivity and security, leading to an efficient modern workplace.

Microsoft 365 Intelligent Security

Microsoft 365 Intelligent Security focuses on identity protection that becomes the foundation for secure access to data, devices, and even applications. Armed with a set of advanced tools predisposed to communicate with each other as part of threat protection, the platform supports the security operations team in detecting threat information across the entire digital footprint and automates threat protection. Security insights recommend ways to optimize the configuration of security tools and provide a quantifiable measurement of security posture. . With modern workplace security, you can proactively strengthen your security measures and continuously enhance your overall security strategy.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 security offers

The Microsoft dynamics certified partners will empower your organization with advanced security solutions and optimize your Microsoft Dynamics implementation.

Intelligent Security built in, not bolted on

MS Security Graph

Apart from quick deployment, high adoptability adaptability rate, and maximized ROI, organizations irrespective of their size prefer Microsoft 365 for a number of reasons. Some of them are listed below.

Microsoft 365 Intelligent Security Graph

MS Security Graph

According to Proofpoint, in 2019, close to 88% of organizations have experienced spear-phishing attempts. With security taking precedence, organizations are focused on partnering with the security specialists and Dynamics 365 consultants who can cater to the dynamic needs such as setting up security systems, building robust security plans, and more.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Korcomptenz offers affordable security solutions that provide value and protection to the organization—leveraging technical skills to solve data security and cloud devices management challenges. To enable intelligent security in your organization, request a consultation.

Request a consultation with Korcomptenz today and take the first step towards strengthening your security posture (intelligent security solutions) and achieving business success with Dynamics 365.

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