Change in Office 365 Names


Natural Evolution

Recently Microsoft has introduced its new Microsoft 365 Personal and Family Subscription, the first consumer offerings from Microsoft. In relation to this there have also been some changes to the names of the Office 365 products for small and medium business and to Office 365 ProPlus, all of which going forward will become a part of the Microsoft 365 Brand. This is a natural evolution, while Microsoft 365 began as a license bundle for enterprises due to the trying times, it has decided to extend its product offerings to its small and medium-sized businesses and give them better access to its services. The first part of this evolution is the change in its product names in order to better allow its customers to find the product offering which best suits them.

Changed Names

The new changes in product name go into effect on 21st April 2020. At this point in time it is just a change in name and there are no changes in the price or features of these products. The changes names are as follows

While the names for the above products are changing there are still many office products which remain the same:

The following Office 365 plans will have NO changes:

The more things change the more they stay the same:

While users might be concerned about the changes and wonder whether they need to take any action, there is no need to worry. Currently, Microsoft is just updating the names and no feature differences are present. The change in names will happen automatically and the existing users don’t need to take any additional action to implement the change.

Office 365 ProPlus:

For the Office 365 ProPlus users, the older versions will see no change in the name. There might be a need to make some adjustment to your internal workflows and internal documents. In the case of those using ADR’s to deploy updates which relies on the title property, they might need to make changes to the ADR’s as the names of the Update Packages is Changing.

Currently, the title of an update package for Office 365 ProPlus begins with “Office 365 Client Update” as seen in the following example:

For update packages released on and after June 9, the title will begin with “Microsoft 365 Apps Update” as seen in the following example:

Some Registry Key value might change to reflect the new names. So those relying on these values might need to test their scripts and workflows.

Upcoming Changes:

In the coming months Microsoft might introduce some new changes. The previews of these changes are already being introduced. The new personal and family subscription introduced is one such change.

Microsoft 365 Personal and Family Subscriptions

Along with the name change Microsoft has also introduced Microsoft 365 Personal and Family Subscriptions priced at $ 6.99/month for Microsoft 365 Personal and $ 9.99/month for a Family of about 6 people.

Some of the additions to the new subscriptions are as follows:

Two other Microsoft experiences that will roll out in preview in the coming months are as follows:

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