Reap the Maximum Benefits of Power BI Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Suite of Products


Is it a challenge to understand what you can do with the huge volume of information growing across your Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of products?

Business data is your asset and when you’re not making the best use of it, you cannot see the bigger picture. Until you have access to information that matters and understand what needs to be done with that data, you’ll miss opportunities to stay competitive and improve organizational efficiency.

So, to benefit from your data, Microsoft Power BI services is the best solution for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of products. Dynamics 365 Power BI Implementation helps customers develop smart applications, and it’s a platform combining relevant data from various sources to create reports. The reports from Dynamics 365 consultants will help you gain a better understanding of your enterprise.

The combination of Microsoft Power BI Services allows data-focused insights and informed decision-making. Access data in report form or interactive tables to make information user-friendly and evaluate and share it across the organization.

Leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 Products with Power BI

Our consultants at Korcomptenz found that most of the clients are not satisfied with the in-built reporting capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365. By integrating a reporting layer going past the constraints of the Dynamics 365 products, Power BI Implementation helps you gain new insights into, for instance, your sales efficiency, offering many benefits to your team.

Here are some of the key features of Microsoft Power BI services:

Data processing: Deep dive into your business data across your systems with Power BI to make informed decisions. You can access and visualize data in real-time across your enterprise including finance, sales and marketing, transaction, customer service, customer interactions, product, supply chain, and human resources.

Data visualization: Find several visualization choices for the data with Power BI Analytics, be it tables, diagrams, charts, or maps.

Sharing data and distribution: Use Power BI to schedule information updates, making it simpler to share reports, visualizations, and dashboards with major stakeholders – external or internal. 

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) and data storage: Power BI for your Dynamics 365 products provides ETL solutions. It means extracting information from the source with the help of Export Tools, converting and standardizing, and loading information to some new location. When the ETL activities are done, the information is stored in the data warehouse.

Multi-source information: Power BI connects to numerous external and internal data sources like text files, online services, and other databases. 

Complete integration with Microsoft products: Integrate solutions with your current Microsoft products including Microsoft Suite and Office 365. 

With robust Power BI features for your Dynamics 365 suite of products, you can reap the maximum benefits of your data. It’s beneficial for users, Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Management, and IT specialists. 

Benefits of Power BI Implementation across Teams and Departments

With Data Visulalization, you can foster efficiency, flexibility, collaboration, and security amongst departments and teams, providing real benefits to them: 

Business and Data Analysts: Experts are often exhausted with excess data, which can be frustrating when their role is to provide accurate data analysis and insights to the right audience at the right time. The analysts can use Power BI solutions to assess raw data and change it into useful business insights and make such information accessible to end users.

Senior Management and Decision-Makers: Power BI helps the management and busy decision-making experts to access reports as well as dashboards in real-time quickly and with ease. You can also consult Microsoft Dynamics solution providers who  provide tailored solutions to integrate Power BI and optimize your data-driven decision-making.

IT Team: Your IT team can make the most of Power BI to make sure organizational data is safe and easily accessible, track user activities, and meet compliance requirements in every process, no matter whether the data is sourced externally or internally. 

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Products and Power BI

Dynamics 365 products are one of the most essential solutions to provide you with a complete business suite, covering every enterprise operation. They have several value-add improvements, including Dynamics 365 Add-ons as well as Dynamics Shop services to realize all your enterprise goals and boost your Return On Investment (ROI).

360-degree view of business: Get an advanced BI and Analytics solution with Power BI to help you extract data from many systems and sources and present the information in simplified formats for all to understand. Create simple and quick reports, visualizations, and dashboards to get a 360-degree view of your enterprise. 

Easy integrations: Power BI ensures easy integration with Dynamics 365 products in many ways such as: 

Possibility for small and mid-sized businesses: There are enormous possibilities for SMEs having no requirement for expensive or extensive enterprise-grade BI solutions. 

The Power BI tool’s customer account summaries as well as opportunity trending reports are extremely beneficial. In addition to keeping track of leads and sales prospects, monitor consumer KPIs, sales, earnings, auto-renews, as well as contact records for any period. Create personalized filters, sort data by date range, and evaluate metrics over time.

Why Invest in a Power BI Tool

With Power BI services, you can answer questions concerning the performance of your business, giving you a competitive advantage. These are the major reasons why enterprises invest in a Microsoft Power BI tool are:

Why Korcomptenz?

Korcomptenz is a Microsoft Gold Partner and gives customers a competitive edge with Dynamics 365 powered by business intelligence services. We help you manage, modify, and personalize your applications, be it Dynamics 365 products, or Power BI. Our services will help you strategize better and stand out in the competition for today and tomorrow.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of products and Power BI are robust tools to take your sales team to another level, making them high performing and efficient. Empower your sales staff to keep track of leads, monitor your customers, and improve sales. If you want to benefit from the Dynamics 365 suite of products and Power BI capabilities, our consultants will help you get started now. Request a free consultation today.

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