Our Pandemic Story: Implementing & Going live on Microsoft D365 Finance and operations


Adapting to the new normal

For close to two decades, Korcomptenz has been helping customers, as a Trusted Consultant and Partner, to leverage Information technology, to weather and thrive amidst the winds of change in the business world. We provide tailored solutions integrating cutting-edge technology like D365 Finance and Operations, empowering sustainable growth and agility.

But when the world was hit by a pandemic, the likes of which haven’t been seen in a hundred years, it forced Korcomptenz to deploy these skills at home. We had to confront – adapt – pivot – thrive to tackle this disruptive change, while also ensuring customer success on projects.

Our Pivot Journey with D365 Finance and Operations

As an example, we were in the middle of user acceptance testing (UAT), for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations implementation in Florida. When the full force of the pandemic and its restrictions hit the D365 implementation team working on this client’s project, they knew they had to pivot and take decisive action for the training, go live and post go live support phases.

The Korcomptenz team immediately reached out to the customer, to reassure them of our support, and to adapt the project plan with D365 finance and operations to align with the ‘New Normal’. (Typically for Go Lives, we usually have a team stationed at the customer premises assisted by a team offsite) We instilled confidence in the customer’s mind and stood firm that the project of implementing D365 finance and operation should not be delayed for any reason.

However, as the customer was forced to shut down their offices and directed most of their employees to work from home, the training, data migration, and go-live had to now be done remotely.
Our Pandemic Story Infographics

Our Taskforce

An expert team involving both companies (us and the client) was immediately formed to overcome the situation and devise a strategy to meet the target deadline. We drew on our deep experience in project management, change management, collaboration technologies, and the capabilities of Dynamics 365 finance and operations to meet the project objectives as smoothly as possible under the changed circumstances.

Our Tools

Mini teams for D365 finance and operations were formed for each module/process. Their respective tasks, responsibilities, and the respective sequence in which they had to be performed were chalked out and disseminated. Microsoft Teams Channels were used for the teams to collaborate and to put tribal learning to work. An Escalation matrix with full contact details was shared. enabling members to quickly triage and resolve issues in the D365 finance and operations ecosystem.

Keeping Delivery paramount along with Cost

We leveraged Dynamics 365 finance and operations  fully on our cost-efficient off-shore resources to our advantage, as teams in other time zones, working shifts, continued to triage on problems, while the US teams (client and us) were able to rest and recharge, warding off any burnout situations.

The teething issues of D365 finance and operations were tracked through a simple ticketing system. Users just had to send an email to the designated email id and the ticket was automatically created, assigned, and shared among the respective consultants. Go Live scope was broken down into individual processes for easier management and greater transparency.

D365 Finance and Operations Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Thanks to the steady hand of the project team and the strong partnership mindset of our customer team, we were able to successfully go live on the new system. With the help of the D365 finance and operations system, the client is now able to access and successfully analyze a lot of critical data sets that yield actionable insights that are even more valuable in these uncertain times. The streamlined processes enabled by D365 finance and operations contribute significantly to the client’s operational efficiency and resilience.

KORCOMPTENZ is a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner headquartered in New Jersey with extensive experience in improving business outcomes for our customers. We leverage end-to-end solutions involving the ongoing convergence of ERP, Azure Cloud, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT. We specialize in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 range of products such as Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, and Dynamics 365 CRM. Request a consultation today

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