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Cloud migration and adoption technologies are at the center of the digital transformation revolution. Companies embracing digital transformation must embrace cloud solutions to be successful. There are many advantages to adopting the cloud and making use of Cloud migration services. Businesses opt for cloud migration for a range of motivations, while seeking a variety of benefits. These benefits fall into four categories: cost, agility, service quality, and new scenarios.

Korcomptenz is  one  of the leading Cloud migration service providers that combines a Hyper-Scale cloud offering, a truly hybrid platform, and an Enterprise Level Support for your cloud workloads with Enterprise level SLAs. THE ONLY CLOUD: ENTERPRISE LEVEL, HYPER SCALE, AND TRUE HYBRID. The most common service is ‘lift and shift’ cloud migration services through our Azure Migration Services and AWS infrastructure services (IaaS).

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and AWS Partner, Korcomptenz gives you a competitive advantage with AWS and Azure adoption services, each with its pros and cons, so choosing and collaborating with the right cloud migration service provider like cloud consulting, cloud migration, and more.

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Steps for Cloud Migration designed with a #FocusOnInnovation

Steps for migration to the Cloud designed with a #FocusOnInnovation
Steps for migration to the Cloud designed with a #FocusOnInnovation

Unlock the benefits of Cloud Migration Strategy across industries


Cloud migration services can be unified within a single manufacturing platform. From lowering costs to encouraging innovation, manufacturers are realizing major benefits from aligning these Cloud migration services.
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Unify your global financial operations for account management and reporting, better regulatory compliance, and improved investor relations. Cloud migration services unify global financial operations for account management and reporting.
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Cloud Computing allows for efficient patient care as it acts as the sole access point for all healthcare records. Acting as a centralized and virtual data space, the cloud allows multiple systems to access a unique record at the same time with ease. Enhance your healthcare institution's transition to the cloud with the expertise of a trusted cloud migration service provider.


Cloud-based solutions promise to help nonprofit organizations overcome the limitations of on-premises infrastructure by leveraging the economies, improve productivity, agility, mobility, and scalability.
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Korcomptenz ensures cost-efficient strategies for implementing cloud computing in supply chain management and logistics. You can leverage our cloud migration services for enhancing visibility, optimizing inventory management, and streamlining transportation logistics.
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Retail & Fashion

Moving to the cloud helps retailers save on their IT infrastructure costs, licensing fees, maintenance, and support costs. Cloud's diverse service models will allow retail businesses to choose the best-suited operational model and pay only for what they use.
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