Fortifying Finance: The Power of Secure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure



According to a recent report, the global Virtual Desktop market is expected to grow at USD ~5 Billion by 2022. The growing demand for virtual offices, work from home set-up, and mobile connectivity has paved the way for the surge of VDI-as-a-service (VDIaaS). Virtual desktop Infrastructure solutions are reshaping banking and financial operations, providing unparalleled adaptability, security, and expandability. Whether you seek to enable remote work, safeguard sensitive data, or streamline IT expenses, it offers valuable assistance.

One of the standout features of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) system is its heightened security. How does it work? Well, in the realm of financial services, whether you’re partnering with a trusted cloud service provider or going the on-premises route, VDI takes center stage by centralizing the core components of your IT infrastructure: cloud based operating systems, applications, software, and invaluable data.

This smart centralization means that IT professionals can keep a hawk-eye focus on safeguarding, upgrading, and monitoring these mission-critical systems, all within one primary protective perimeter. Users, on the other hand, access their essential applications and data through virtual machines or mobile devices, leaving nothing on their personal computers or systems. For financial services companies handling volumes of personal and sensitive data daily, this approach becomes not just important but invaluable.

How Does VDI Solutions Bolster Security?

VDI solutions strengthen IT infrastructure and enhance security through centralized desktop management, allowing swift, user-independent patching that lowers vulnerability risks and shortens the exploit window.

Moreover, VDI solutions, supported by cloud service providers, enables data loss prevention by eliminating local storage, keeping sensitive data within the network, and inaccessible to unauthorized users. It also enables robust network access control and administration, ensuring a secure environment even in cases of lost or stolen devices.

To fortify security, a layered approach is recommended, encompassing infrastructure and virtual desktop security, including antivirus solutions, two-factor authentication, and robust access controls. Implementing log monitoring and alert systems within the VDI environment is vital for breach detection and prevention. Moreover, engaging cloud consulting services can help optimize cloud security strategies and ensure a comprehensive defense posture.

Key Advantages of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Here are several advantages of VDI, supported by statistics:

Anywhere Access: VDI offers the flexibility for employees to access their desktop from anywhere, enhancing productivity according to 98 percent of respondents (Citrix).

Advanced Security: VDI significantly bolsters security, with 92 percent of IT professionals reporting an improvement in their organization’s security posture (VMware).

Scalability: VDI provides businesses with the ability to easily scale their IT infrastructure, a feature appreciated by 80 percent of companies (Microsoft).

Cost Savings: Transitioning to VDI can result in substantial savings of up to 70 percent on hardware costs, as confirmed by research from Gartner.

Features and Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop and AWS Workspaces

VDI solutions, supported by cloud service providers, like Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Workspaces simplify the process of VDI adoption, providing an array of features and advantages including:

Easy deployment and management: Simplified deployment and user-friendly management are prominent features of cloud based workplaces, such as AVD and AWS Workspaces, simplifying the VDI implementation process and saving time. These solutions offer streamlined setup, intuitive management interfaces, and automated maintenance, allowing you to efficiently manage your virtual desktop environment without detracting from your core business activities.

Pay-as-you-go- pricing: AVD and AWS Workspaces offer an adaptable pay-as-you-go pricing structure, allowing you to tailor your VDI environment’s size without upfront costs. Whether you’re expanding to support cloud growth or downsizing during reduced demand, this budget-friendly model ensures financial efficiency while fine-tuning your VDI deployment to match your business needs.

Enterprise-grade security: AVD and AWS Workspaces incorporate top-tier security features designed to safeguard your data and systems at an enterprise level. These robust cloud security services are engineered to ensure the utmost protection for your critical assets, providing peace of mind as you navigate the digital landscape.

How Can VDI Solutions be Incorporated within the Financial Sector?

Merely possessing a VDI solution isn’t sufficient for financial institutions; it should seamlessly blend with existing technological infrastructure and be seamlessly incorporated into established workflows with the help of cloud consulting services. For instance, in sectors like banking, investment firms, and private equity, efficient communication and collaboration tools play a crucial role in fostering productivity among teams and departments.

Therefore, selecting a cloud solution provider capable of integrating with prominent systems like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Cisco Webex, can not only enhance security but also harmonize with the broader work environment. Moreover, compatibility with CRM, back-office systems, or proprietary solutions would further enhance the VDI’s capacity to maximize organizational value.

Transform your Citrix and VMware VDI

You can even optimize your investments and skillsets by seamlessly incorporating such as Azure Virtual Desktop, a cloud based platform into your current desktop and application virtualization setups, using Citrix DaaS for Azure and VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure. Alongside features like support for hybrid setups, centralized administration, and advanced tools, Citrix and VMware clients can swiftly deploy Windows 10 and Windows 11 Enterprise multi-session on Azure Virtual Machines.

Why Korcomptenz?

Our Digital Workplace services are designed to enhance workforce productivity and collaboration through a suite of tools including Microsoft Office 365, Intune, Teams, Windows Virtual Desktop, and more, enabling a flexible “anywhere office” environment. Should you have any questions, our consultants are ready to assist. Korcomptenz, as a Microsoft Solutions and AWS Partner, provides cloud based VDI solutions hosted on Microsoft Azure and AWS, catering to businesses of all sizes.


VDI solutions are revolutionizing banking and financial operations with their adaptability, security, and scalability. They empower remote work, protect sensitive data, and streamline IT expenses, making them indispensable for these sectors. Centralized security is a key feature, allowing IT professionals to focus on safeguarding mission-critical systems within a secure perimeter. VDI ensures security through centralized management, data protection, and access control, supported by a layered security approach. It also offers benefits like anywhere access, advanced security, scalability, and cost savings.

Cloud-based options provided by leading service providers like Azure Virtual Desktop and AWS Workspaces simplify adoption and integrate with existing workflows. For full incorporation into the financial sector, compatibility with communication and collaboration tools is essential. Request a free consultation today.

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