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Maximize efficiency and performance in a supply chain network with our innovative and future-forward supply chain solutions. Leverage our expertise to create AI-powered, digital supply chains that are agile, adaptable, and resilient. Enhance operational efficiency by accurately predicting demand, optimizing asset performance, overhauling manufacturing operations, fulfilling digital commerce requirements, and mitigating risks in your supply chain with our powerful solutions crafted using tools like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, O9, Logility, Relex, and Porini’s ComplEtE®.

Key Supply Chain KPIs

Inventory Efficiency

Implementing optimization strategies can result in a remarkable 25-30% reduction in excess inventory, minimizing holding costs and increasing cashflows.

Customer Satisfaction

Businesses embracing digital supply chains witness an improvement in customer service by enabling a predictive delivery model and witness a 20% improvement in on-time deliveries thus increasing customer satisfaction.

Downtime Reduction

Optimal supply chain management can lead to a 25% reduction in production downtime, maximizing, output and profitability.

Waste Minimization

Manufacturers experience a substantial 15-20% reduction in waste through an efficient supply chain practices, contributing to sustainability goals.

Our Core Supply Chain Capabilities

Digitizing Supply Chain Management

We perform end-to-end digitization of your supply chain to help you get real-time connectivity leading to better decision-making, predictive analytics to anticipate potential disruptions, better inventory management, and enhanced competitiveness.

Supply Chain Optimization

Get end-to-end supply chain visibility, streamline scenario modeling, improve demand planning and inventory optimization with our AI and Analytics solutions. Utilizing an integrated data platform driven by AI, we enable you to achieve a resilient, flexible, and optimized supply chain efficiently. Know More

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Learn how Korcomptenz assisted a manufacturer of construction supplies (adhesives) with a 360-degree Digital Transformation using Microsoft Business Applications.

Supply Chain Analytics

Harness our power of data analytics to identify inefficiencies, predict demand accurately, and optimize decision-making, resulting in a 25% improvement in overall supply chain performance. Go deeper

MES Integration

We help you integrate supply chain processes with external systems like manufacturing execution systems (MES) to foster efficiency, reducing manual errors by 20%. Enhanced data visibility enables quicker decision-making, streamlining workflows, and fostering collaboration between different departments, ultimately resulting in a 15% increase in overall supply chain productivity. Gain Insight

Leverage AI powered supply chain analytics to get critical data required for end to end supply chain planning with predictive insights.

Advance Warehouse Management

Unlock better inventory workflows for faster fulfillment, optimized operations, improved financial visibility and performance, and more.

Streamline your receiving, putaway, inventory management, picking, and more with our warehouse management solutions to optimize your operations and manage both inbound and outbound logistics. Discover more.

Advanced Warehouse Management

Learn how Korcomptenz assisted a reputed retail and fashion house with advanced warehouse management services.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management System Ensures on-time delivery and order fulfilmen. Read and Watch our Webinar

D365 Advanced Warehouse Management

Know how to use advance warehouse management to perform inbound receiving and visual inspections, infuse intelligent put away instructions to the workers in the process, and post the product slips.

Optimize warehouse

Know how to streamline the outbound warehousing process with order allocation, release for pick and pack, cluster picking, and posting the packing slip.

Material Requirements Planning

Gain insight into the inventory needs required to fulfil demand, assisting businesses in optimizing inventory levels and production schedules.

Microsoft Managed Services

Enhance the effectiveness of your Dynamics 365 ERP by leveraging our unparalleled managed services. Get the support you need to guarantee peak performance for your Dynamics 365 ERP environment. Discover more.

Our Strategic Partnerships

Korcomptenz proudly collaborates with top-tier supply chain management partners such as Microsoft, Logility, O9, and Relex. By leveraging their expertise, we ensure seamless operations and optimized processes, driving efficiency and innovation. Our excitement stems from the technical prowess in supply chain management these partners bring to the table, fueling our shared success.

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Why Korcomptenz?

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Team Strength

Our Collective team of experts add exponential value to your business with our relentless focus by deploying the right people, practices, process and technology to acquire a customer delight.
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Ongoing Microsoft Rescue Projects

With us handling close to 150+ implementations and migrations from Sage, NetSuite, Quickbooks, legacy applications and more to the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365, we have you inherit our experience to implement your project right the first time.
End to End

Solution Provider

Our expertise in Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce, Azure, Fabric, ServiceNow offers you the advantage of not toggling with multiple vendors and lets us offer you the best of breed solutions
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Microsoft Certified Consultants

We have technical and functional certified professionals from across the Microsoft suite of Products

Cost Savings

Are you worried about spending too much, check with us on our cost optimization package that helps you with Performance tuning, licensing recycle optimization, software asset management and Application configuration optimization.
Succes by Design

Our Unique Methodology

We combine industry best practices with our unique methodology based on Microsoft's Sure Step and Design Thinking that guarantees you Success by Design approach.

Our Team Strength

We add exponential value to your business with our relentless focus on customer excellence.

Successful implementations

Multiple successful rescue implementations and migrations from Sage, NetSuite, SAP, QuickBooks, and more to the latest Dynamics 365 platform. Currently engaged in 15 rescue implementation projects.

Total technology transformation

End-to-end solutions, including managed services, implementation, support, customizations, and integrations across technologies like ERP, CRM, analytics, portals, cloud, and infrastructure.

Certified Consultants

We have over 100+ certified and highly experienced consultants who excel in their roles.

License Optimization for Huge Savings

We can deliver over 40% cost savings on licenses, implementations and TCO.

Our Implementation Methodology

We combine industry best practices with our unique methodology based on Microsoft Sure Step and Success by Design approach.

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