Optimize and Transform your Warehouse Processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Advanced Warehouse Management

Gain a competitive edge by using one integrated, innovative, and easy to use solution.

Optimized and Transform

Ensure on-time delivery and order fulfilment with an effective Warehouse Management System


If you are a retailer or manufacturer, you understand the importance of having an efficient warehouse management system. This is especially important during this pandemic situation as more and more consumers order online and expect their products to be delivered on-time and without delay.

In this scenario a proper Warehouse Management System is key, which is where Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Advanced Warehouse Management Module can help give your company a true advantage.

Optimize and transform your warehouse processes

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Advanced warehouse Management Key Highlights


Korcomptenz presented a webinar titled “Optimize and transform your warehouse process with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Advanced Warehouse Management.” The webinar was conducted on September 29th, 2021, and the main objectives ware as follows:

Challenges Facing Distribution and Warehouse Management-Need of the hour

Distribution and Warehousing face many challenges today such manpower Issues, warehouse and logistics cost, warehouse processes, and changing business.

In this webinar, Korcomptenz showed why Microsoft Dynamics Advanced Warehouse Management solutions will help you to meet all your challenges and ultimately help satisfy customer demands and keep you competitive and relevant in the market.

Advance Warehouse Management(AWM) – Key Differentiators

Here are some of key differences between “basic” and “advanced” warehousing:

Basic Warehousing does not support use of mobile device, has limited storage dimensions, no functionality for packing or containerization, and all cycle counts are performed manually.

Advanced Warehousing supports use of mobile device, provides extra storage dimensions, has the functionality to automatically select appropriate containers for packing and allows you to schedule automated cycle counts based in schedule.

Important Features of AWM

Broadly, it encompasses inbound operations, outbound operations, and inventory control. In the webinar, Korcomptenz discusses a few of these features like replenishment, cycle counting, small package shipping, cluster picking, quality inspections in more detail. Microsoft is continuously enhancing the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations / by introducing new features and functionalities / based on the global best practices.


Korcomptenz showcased the inbound receiving process (fully) and outbound receiving process (overview) through the demo.

Watch the webinar to see the demo.

How can Korcomptenz help?


Korcomptenz showcased two of their success stories. The two case studies that were discussed have new and not so new features but both with great impact to the companies in terms of cost, quality, and delivery.

The first case resulted in a fulfillment improvement through standard F&O features. The second case improves data entry time and reduces mistakes through the use of new F&O features from version 10.0.21.

As a next step Korcomptenz is open to engage with you on the next level of details and discuss the options available for transition to Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Advanced Warehouse Management.

Key Questions that were answered


Q1. What are the operations that GS1 supports in Dynamics?

Q2. For the GS1 Barcode does the system support both single- and two-dimensional barcodes?

Q3. Is there a maximum number of orders that can be added to a cluster AND when system directed cluster picking is in use, I would like to know how those orders are selected by the system?

Q4. ON the replenishment types I noticed slotting as an option. Can you explain how slotting works in Dynamics?

Q5. How does cycle count by threshold work?

Q6. I have a question about the small partial shipping. Is small package shipping available right out of the box or does it require any development?

If any of these questions resonate with you, kindly watch the webinar and get your queries answered or contact us at [email protected].

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