Leverage K3 Pebblestone to Elevate the Fashion and Apparel Sector

K3 Pebblestone, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC, offers an out-of-the-box, comprehensive solution tailored to the fashion industry’s unique needs.

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K3 Pebblestone: The all-in-one Integrated solution for fashion and apparel businesses

K3 Pebblestone, built upon the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, offers a seamlessly integrated, established fashion industry solution specifically crafted to meet the requirements of fashion and apparel enterprises.

This versatile apparel industry software is suitable for wholesalers, brand owners, private label, and CMT companies across various segments, including apparel, footwear, sporting goods, corporate and promotional wear, and accessories. K3 Pebblestone consolidates all critical business functions, encompassing planning, design, sourcing, purchasing, logistics, warehousing, and financial administration, into one comprehensive fashion industry software solution.

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Discover the capabilities of K3 Pebblestone for the fashion and apparel industry

Landed Cost Module

This video illustrates the functionality of the K3 Pebblestone Landed Cost module.

Landed Cost Module

This video illustrates the functionality of the K3 Pebblestone Landed Cost module.

Foster digital transformation in Fashion & Apparel using K3 Pebblestone

Unleashing the Advantages of K3 Pebblestone Solutions within the Fashion Inventory and Apparel Industry


  • Manage manual allocations or automatic proposals.
  • Manage customers hierarchy (Master customer, store).
  • Special BI cubes designed for the fashion industry to support the decision making process.

Apparel, Footwear, Accessories

  • Manage all the processing phases.
  • Manage internal or external phases (using the Sub-Contracting module).
  • Detects the quantities and processing times in order to calculate the actual cost of working and finished fabrics.

Technical and Geo-Textiles

  • Detect the quantities and processing times in order to calculate the actual cost of working.
  • Tracing a roll produced by keeping the lot or batch number of the yarn used in the process.
  • Easily interface with all data collection systems on the machine through a communication protocol.

K3 Pebblestone

K3 Pebblestone offers several key benefits to the fashion and apparel sector. It provides a comprehensive solution designed exclusively for the unique needs of the industry, leveraging the foundation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Some of the primary advantages include:

Efficient Inventory Management: K3 Pebblestone optimizes inventory control, helping businesses reduce overstock and minimize the risk of inventory obsolescence.

Streamlined Supply Chain: It improves visibility and performance across the complete supply chain, from procurement to production as well as logistics, confirming smoother operations.

Demand Forecasting: As one of the leading fashion business solutions, it supports accurate demand forecasting, enabling fashion companies to better align their production and inventory levels with customer demands.

Real-time Visibility: K3 Pebblestone offers real-time visibility into inventory, sales, and production processes, allowing for quick decision-making and improved responsiveness to market changes.

Customization: The platform can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each fashion business, ensuring that it aligns with unique processes and requirements.

Compliance and Security: K3 Pebblestone addresses industry-specific compliance requirements and provides data security, safeguarding sensitive fashion data.

Enhanced Efficiency: By streamlining operations and reducing manual tasks, it increases overall operational efficiency and productivity.

Optimized Customer Experience: With better inventory control and demand forecasting, fashion businesses can meet customer demands more effectively, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Overall, K3 Pebblestone empowers fashion and apparel companies with one of the best fashion industry solutions to achieve better control over their supply chain, reduce costs, and enhance their competitiveness in the market.

K3 Pebblestone offers several key features tailored to efficiently manage inventory in the fashion industry:

Real-time Inventory Visibility: As one of the best fashion industry solutions, it provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, locations, and movements across the entire supply chain, allowing for precise control.

Demand Forecasting: K3 Pebblestone supports accurate demand forecasting, helping fashion businesses align their inventory with customer expectations and reducing overstock and understock situations.

Multi-Channel Inventory Management: It enables fashion companies to manage inventory across multiple channels, including physical stores, e-commerce platforms, and more, ensuring consistent stock availability.

Supplier Collaboration: Built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 business Central platform, it facilitates effective collaboration with suppliers, streamlining the procurement process and ensuring timely deliveries.

Replenishment and Allocation: K3 Pebblestone helps in automating replenishment and allocation strategies, ensuring products are allocated efficiently based on demand and business priorities.

Customized Inventory Targets: As one of the top fashion business solutions, it allows for the creation of customized inventory targets, ensuring that minimum and maximum stock levels are aligned with specific business needs.

Inventory Analytics: It offers advanced inventory analytics and reporting tools, providing insights into inventory trends, enabling proactive decision-making, and identifying areas for improvement.

Security and Compliance: K3 Pebblestone addresses industry-specific compliance requirements and prioritizes data security to protect sensitive fashion data.

Customization: The solution can be customized to meet the unique inventory management requirements of each fashion business, adapting to specific processes and workflows.

These features enable fashion and apparel businesses to enhance their inventory management, cut back on costs, and improve customer satisfaction by ensuring products are immediately available and aligned with market demands.

Product Data Management (PDM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) oversee the complete progression of a product’s lifecycle. They facilitate the efficient organization, recording, and sharing of crucial data related to product development and pre-production across relevant departments within the organization.

K3 Pebblestone offers a range of key features for product data management (PDM) and product lifecycle management (PLM) in the fashion industry:

Concept to Store: As one of the top-notch fashion industry solutions, it provides a seamless platform to manage the entire product lifecycle, from the initial concept and design phase to the final store placement. This end-to-end visibility ensures that every stage of product development is closely monitored and controlled.

Critical Path Management: It’s built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 business Central platform, and includes critical path management tools, allowing fashion businesses to define and oversee the key milestones and tasks required to bring a product to market. This feature ensures that the product development process stays on track and meets deadlines.

Collection Planning and Budgets: K3 Pebblestone supports collection planning and budget management, which are essential for fashion businesses to plan, allocate resources, and control costs throughout the product development cycle. This helps in achieving financial objectives and maintaining profitability.

Product Data Management: As one of the popular fashion business solutions, it offers comprehensive product data management capabilities. This includes the management of critical product information such as wash and care instructions, test results, measurements, Bills of Materials (BOM), calculations, and technical pack details. This central repository ensures that all product-related data is accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible.

Integration with Business Processes: K3 Pebblestone is designed to seamlessly integrate various business processes within a fashion organization. This integration ensures that product development aligns with broader business objectives, such as sales, inventory management, and customer relationship management.

By offering these features, K3 Pebblestone empowers fashion businesses to streamline their product development processes, manage budgets effectively, and maintain control over every aspect of their products.

K3 Pebblestone streamlines the supply chain and production processes through various features:

Supply Chain Visibility: It provides real-time visibility into the supply chain, allowing for better coordination and demand forecasting.

Production Planning: When you have one of the best fashion industry solutions, it helps in optimizing production schedules, ensuring efficient resource allocation, and reducing lead times.

Inventory Management: It enables precise control over inventory levels, reducing overstock and stockouts while minimizing the risk of obsolescence.

Vendor Collaboration: As one of the foremost fashion business solutions, it facilitates seamless collaboration with vendors, ensuring timely deliveries and quality control.

Quality Assurance: K3 Pebblestone incorporates quality control measures to maintain product standards and reduce defects.

Workflow Automation: It automates various processes, reducing manual intervention, errors, and improving overall efficiency.

Reporting and Analytics: Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, it offers robust reporting and analytics tools to make data-driven decisions for process improvement.

These features improve supply chain as well as production processes, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency and cost reduction.

Yes, K3 Pebblestone, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is designed to be highly versatile and can be seamlessly integrated with various software platforms commonly used in the fashion and apparel sector.

As one of the leading fashion industry solutions, it offers integration capabilities with a wide range of applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, eCommerce platforms, and more. This integration ensures that your fashion and apparel business can maintain a cohesive and interconnected tech ecosystem, streamlining operations, and improving overall efficiency.

The flexibility to integrate with other software solutions allows you to leverage existing systems while benefiting from one of the industry’s fashion business solutions having specialized features for your business.

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