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Modern technology enables intelligent and sustainable packaging solutions that can improve the customer experience, create new connections with customers, and optimize waste

Save up to 30-40% with Korcomptenz as a Managed Service Provider

Save up to 30-40% with Korcomptenz as a Managed Service Provider

Intelligent and Sustainable Technology Solutions for the Packaging Industry


Packaging has long been considered a silent salesperson that introduces your brand to customers and makes a first impression before they even open up a product. Modern technology offers innovative companies the opportunity to take advantage of changing consumer and design trends, a focus on sustainability and limiting environmental impact, and the revolutions in digital printing. Korcomptenz can help you achieve:

Recent trends in the Packaging Industry - Korcomptenz POV


Customer Success: Unlocking the full potential of Master Planning to give more control on supply, capacity, and demand.


About the client:

Our client is a manufacturer of protective mailers and specialty packaging for the courier, e-commerce, fulfilment, and distribution markets. It’s full product portfolio includes packaging with paper, bubble-lined and flat solutions. With a team size of 2000+ people they are in operations for over 45 years across US, UK, Mexico, and Malaysia.


The Master plan that helps them calculates net requirements, based on actual current orders to control inventory replenishment on a short-term, day-to-day basis, was executing for many days causing delays in the supply chain planning and production planning. Korcomptenz helped the client optimize the master planning logic and reduced the execution time to less than a day.


Korcomptenz enhanced and extended the master planning functionality by customizing at default order setting form, by providing a separate logic for planned production order and planned transfer order to consider default order quantities to meet the business requirement.


  • Shorter time cycle on supply and production planning.
  • Improved inventory utilization, reduction in stock-outs.
  • Reduced fulfilment cost
  • Built in BI reports to track their warehouse process, material aging and more
  • Better visibility: Tracking and traceability of stock, worker’s activity and enabled a unified view of the operations.

Why Korcomptenz?


The packaging industry has seen massive growth with the continued rise of eCommerce, but today’s customers are demanding a more intuitive, environmentally friendly experience. Are you ready to stand out from the competition?

Korcomptenz, a global managed services company offers total technology transformation solutions that encompass a wide range of services, including implementing, deploying, maintaining, and integrating with your existing systems to provide a seamless connection between your customer, your team, your operations, your infrastructure, and your data.

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