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By 2025, cyber attackers may use new technologies to harm humans, says Gartner.

Every anomaly may not be a cyber threat, every cyber threat starts as an anomaly

In a post-pandemic world, as your business moves to a more digitalized environment, the threat to your data increases. Experts recommend having a security control in place to reduce risk.

Darktrace, a leading cybersecurity firm has modelled its self-learning technology that offers real-time protection and does not require knowledge of past threats to understand new ones. Every 3 seconds, Darktrace AI combats a cyber-threat, inhibiting it from spreading further. It has 100% visibility over the entire digital enterprise.

Korcomptenz, a managed services and cloud solutions provider, partnered with Darktrace, offers cybersecurity solutions to identify, prevent, and eliminate insider threats. It analyses raw data from mirrored virtual private cloud (VPC) traffic to empower organizations to stop the disruption that cyber-threats can cause across digital infrastructures. With a mission to prevent disruption to businesses, Korcomptenz is empowering them to make their ‘Digital DNA’ more resilient to cyberattacks.

Cyber attackers are Innovating. So Should You.

Unlock the benefits of Darktrace security services across industries


Darktrace ensures that manufacturing companies get protection across their digital estate to carry on their operations without disruption.
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Retail & Fashion

Darktrace protects customers’ payment details from the Dark Web and ensures that your security transactions on your retail and eCommerce remains uncompromised.
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Healthcare & Pharma

Darktrace offers protection against threatening the intellectual property of pharma companies and ensures all digital interactions are safe.

Financial Services

The financial services industry is almost 300 times more susceptible to cyber-attacks in a post-pandemic world, which traditional systems cannot combat, Darktrace AI technology detects fast-acting threats within a matter of few seconds.
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Ensure that your grant management meets the regulatory requirements and donor’s data is kept safe. Focus on meeting your objectives while Darktrace takes care of data security.
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Legal & HR

Law firms can improve their client confidence with a security system that protects their sensitive data against sophisticated threats.

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Cyber AI Security for Microsoft Azure

Cyber AI Security for Microsoft Azure

With Darktrace, you can add security to your Azure cloud, with its powerful, self-learning AI to ensure protection even from novel threats.

Enterprise Immune System Product Overview

Darktrace - Enterprise Immune System

The Enterprise Immune System offers protection while learning normal patterns of your business for detecting unpredictable cyberthreats.

Darktrace Return on Investment

Darktrace - Return on Investment

Learn how the ROI for Darktrace extends beyond cyber defense, allowing enterprises to reap benefits of consolidated security across their cloud-based platform.

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