Five Leading Business Intelligence Platforms


Important information you need to know before picking an analytics provider

Business intelligence (BI) platforms give companies a structure for analyzing their own data to see patterns or trends and discover areas that need improvement. The information available through these platforms falls into three categories: analysis, information delivery, and platform integration. A company’s IT department or an external vendor can use these BI platforms to create and implement internal analytics applications to business users, as well to make sure their strategies are working well.

There are a number of BI platforms available, including these highly rated products:

Microsoft’s Power BI

Microsoft’s Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service that provides a single 360-degree view of your business, connecting hundreds of data sources, simplifying data prep, driving ad hoc analytics, and allowing you to monitor the health of your business through a live dashboard. Power BI Desktop, with features like quick measures, grouping, forecasting, and clustering, gives you the ability to dig deeper into data to find patterns, create rich interactive reports, and explore your data in the cloud or on-premises. Those familiar with Excel should feel at home with Power BI as they create reports with more than 85 modern data visuals.


ZAP BI software provides essential data management, allowing you to connect to data and apps across your business in a secure, efficient and accurate manner. Whether you’re working with Power BI, Tableau, Qlik or any self-service BI tool, ZAP unifies your business data, integrating it into a secure, governed hub with pre-packaged connectors. ZAP Data Hub helps your business reduce IT expenses associated with accessing and preparing data for BI analysis, while also delivering data governance and security with more efficiency and accuracy.


QlikView prides itself on being a simple, agile platform that give the business user complete control, allowing you to consolidate, search, visualize, and analyze all data sources for expanded business insight. Qlik has an open data analytics platform that provides quick answers, allowing for a “Google-like search” with fast results to key words or phrases, spotting trends and insights. It can be accessed on iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry, and provides powerful consoles for measuring, monitoring and deploying, the company says.


Sisense is also recognized for simplifying the analytics process – from data preparation to discovery of insights – to help businesses get answers they need and the ability to join data from multiple sources, build interactive dashboards and create business intelligence reports. The company’s core In-Chip technology maximizes the resources that exist in a commodity computer, making it 10 times faster than processing in-memory. Sisense technology is developed as a columnar database that slices and stores information as columns rather than as rows – allowing the user to pull a column on the disk without pulling the entire table and making it run 50-100 times faster than it would with a relational database.

Report Plus

Report Plus from Infragistics is a cloud-based data visualization service that lets you see your business metrics in one place and evaluate the health of your operation. With Report Plus, you to access and connect directly to data anywhere in real-time, including local Excel spreadsheets, on premise SQL databases and Hadoop Hive, or cloud services such as, Google Analytics, Dropbox and more. The platform’s self-service BI lets you get answers from your data without help from your IT department, while your dashboard creations are always saved on your device and synced with the cloud.

At Korcomptenz, we can help you find the right BI platform for the unique needs of your business. We will collaborate with you to evaluate and select  the software that helps ensure your business is healthy and allows you to create reports, visualizations, and deploy internal analytics applications – all while streamlining IT costs. As BI platforms become faster and easier, we’ll be right there to keep you informed and give you the tools to move your business forward in the rapidly evolving world of technology.

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