Personalizing patient care on the Salesforce platform for a leading medical device manufacturer

Learn how Korcomptenz helped a medical device client to track important data, enforce processes, and maintain compliance through Salesforce platform.

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The field of medical technology (MedTech) is constantly changing as new innovations and improvements in medical equipment, medical IT, and healthcare technology for healthcare are established. Designers and engineers in the medical technology industry collaborate to produce devices and solutions that save lives and improve care while adhering to federal and international regulations.

About the Client


 Our client are the largest independent specialized provider of non-invasive ventilation (NIV) in the US home respiratory health care industry. They are medical device manufacturers and high-level service providers that uses best in class technology and equipment to improve quality of life for patients suffering from respiratory ailments such as COPD and Chronic Respiratory Failure.

Patient Care with Salesforce Platform Intro

They have worked hard to deliver high-quality home-based care to respiratory and chronically sick patients, allowing them to live longer and healthier lives and needed the best cutting-edge technology to keep aiding others.



The client has numerous business divisions that work directly with physicians, patients, and insurance companies to offer the best possible treatment to as many patients as is feasible. They had been using Salesforce since 2013, but the setup had been difficult, and they were unable to fully utilize the platform’s capabilities for their multiple business divisions. These challenges resulted in limited usage of Salesforce within the organization, and ultimately limited their ability to track important data, enforce processes, and maintain compliance.

In addition to still using Salesforce Classic, the challenges were caused by a variety of factors:

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Case Study 1

Salesforce Configuration

  • Limited roles and profiles with no management reporting structure or team assignment.
  • Insufficient data object customization and configuration to meet business needs.
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  • Old and outdated data mixed across different business units with no maintenance and refresh plan.
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Visibility and Reporting

  • Limited dashboards, notifications, or activity tracking.
  • No management reports or ability to surface relevant data for insights and decision-making.
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  • No access to propensity or potential intent data.
  • No data integration between other systems and sources used in the organization.
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  • Limited usage of Sandbox and UAT environments for development and testing.
  • Limited usage of the Apex Framework for testing and classes to ensure code coverage and proper deployment procedures.

There were additional challenges caused by the complexity of their sales process and the multiple stakeholders involved. Their products needed to be prescribed by a physician, but also reimbursed by an insurance company. Insurance companies themselves have complex business arrangements where they are incorporated in each state and a contract for reimbursement needs to be secured in each state. National insurance companies required 50 contracts, all operating with their own stakeholders on their own schedule. In addition, a national insurance company’s state-by-state footprint could vary widely, meaning some carriers were better to target in some states than others. The team responsible for insurance organization contracts needed access to all of this information in one pace.

Patient Care with Salesforce Platform Challenge



Korcomptenz was selected as the partner of choice and the organization’s partner of record with Salesforce because of our unique combination of Salesforce expertise, agile approach to development and generating rapid results, and our experience in the healthcare industry and related markets.

We collaborated with the customer to implement a rapid development model that would allow them to start realizing real world improvements and results on a monthly basis. This model enabled them to roll out Salesforce to under-utilized business units in an accelerated fashion with short, effective pilot programs prior to the full implementation.

Salesforce Lightning

  • Immediately upgraded to Lightning and confirmed all required functionality was working properly.
  • Enforced Lightning for all users moving forward.

Data Integrity

  • Custom roles and profiles were created for all applicable business units ensuring data integrity for each division.
  • Management and team structure was implemented to ensure proper permissions and enable consolidated, accurate reporting.

Data Integration

  • Existing data was thoroughly analyzed and older data with potential integrity issues was archived.
  • Imported over 1,000,000 pieces of fresh data by business unit from sources outside salesforce including Lexis-Nexis data.

Visibility and Reporting

  • Instituted proper usage of Sandbox and testing environments outside of production.

The first phase of the project was focused on improving usage of Salesforce for representatives responsible for physician relations. This included integrating targeting data from Salesforce Tableau and developing a custom Lightning form that would allow Sales Representatives to view targeting data side by side with lead/contact information. We were able to collaborate with the customer to refine the sales process and track key sales activities. The sales activities were then provided to management on a dashboard to visualize the productivity of their Sales Representatives and the effectiveness of their effort.

Contracting with insurance carriers were addressed in a subsequent phase. This phase included the integration of Lexis-Nexis data that detailed the carrier’s footprint in each state, enabling the team to concentrate on the highest value states. In addition, the solution included the ability to set custom start and end-dates for each contract on a state level with notifications as contracts were about to expire, ensuring a timely renewal and no loss of coverage.



Within one month of the initial engagement, the benefits of our agile methodology and rapid delivery strategy were realized. Salesforce was reintroduced to Sales Representatives responsible for engaging physicians, and all Sales Representatives were retrained on the usage. In addition, management provided dashboards to visualize productivity based on the streamlined sales process. Shortly afterwards, the insurance carriers were addressed, and the contracting process was fully managed by Salesforce.

Patient Care with Salesforce Platform Benifits

Personalize patient care through the robust Salesforce platform

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