Understanding MES and ERP Integration: Bridging the Gap in Manufacturing


Are you grappling with inefficiencies in your manufacturing operations, struggling to accomplish shop floor performance, and facing hurdles with poor demand forecasting that lead to surplus inventory or delayed deliveries? The way to a successful transformation lies in incorporating your Manufacturing Execution System (MES) with your ERP, and that’s where Korcomptenz comes in. With more than two decades of industry expertise, we understand the intricacies of modern manufacturing. Our integrated ecosystem provides real-time insights, streamlining your ERP manufacturing process, lowering waste, and increasing profitability. Say goodbye to gaps in shop floor management, insufficient inventory or excess inventory tying up cash flow, and inflexibility in production.

Integrating MES with ERP for manufacturing brings substantial benefits to manufacturers, optimizing production coordination and improving supply chain, inventory, sales, and customer service alignment. This leads to enhanced demand forecasting, efficient inventory control, improved cash flow, and increased customer satisfaction. Advanced manufacturing ERP modules offer seamless integration, allowing real-time updates on work-in-progress and production tracking, facilitating insights into shop floor activities, which is more challenging with separate standalone systems.

Discover how MES integration with ERP can revolutionize your manufacturing operations, and let us guide you on this journey toward excellence.

Distinguishing MES from ERP

Aspect MES Focus ERP Scope
Concentrates on manufacturing operations.
Encompasses all aspects of business operations.
Collects real-time factory-floor data for quick analysis.
Gathers real-time operational and financial data for both instant and long-term analysis.
Initiates actions related to manufacturing events.
Initiates actions related to operational and accounting events.
Integrates directly with machinery on the production floor.
Integrates with various software systems used across the business.

Challenges MES Integration Mitigates

ERP and MES for Enhanced Manufacturing Agility - 6 Key Benefits

Integrating ERP and MES systems combines data from various management functions with manufacturing data, providing real-time traceability and transparency across the entire production process, and enhancing operational insights beyond the capabilities of separate processes.

Why Korcomptenz?

Korcomptenz stands out as the ideal choice for your business transformation needs. With over two decades of experience as one of the Microsoft ERP partners, Korcomptenz provides industry-acclaimed expertise in integrating your Manufacturing Execution System with your ERP to help you deliver the best quality of products in the shortest time possible at optimized costs.

Our expertise in application development and support, integrations, and platformation sets us apart as a trusted partner for your digital journey. With a global delivery model that operates around the clock, we ensure efficient and responsive support while also offering a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). What makes us a true one-stop shop is our comprehensive service range, covering CRM, Analytics, Portals, Cloud Consulting, and Security & Infrastructure Solutions. We take pride in our agile implementation approach, ensuring your projects are delivered with flexibility and adaptability.


ERP for manufacturing empowers supply chain stakeholders with a global perspective while maintaining a sharp focus on production processes. The initial phase involves recognizing that this enhanced visibility is achievable through the real-time updates of new stock parameters in MES and ERP systems, resulting in a substantial enhancement of operational efficiency. Plant managers, are you prepared for this transformative integration? Given the high stakes involved, do not hesitate to reach out to our team for a free consultation.

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