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Solve order fulfillment challenges and improve vendor compliance with our EDI solutions.

Our EDI solutions help you unlock profitable retail partnerships and prevent chargebacks with error-free product data

As your EDI solutions partner, we can help you create automated EDI workflows that accelerate your business cycle speed, lower operating costs with paperless documentation, and reduce errors that result in expensive chargebacks and penalties. Leverage our capabilities to attain EDI compliance with X12 and EDIFACT standards and increase your trading network. Gain critical insights into inventory and orders to increase sales, improve margins, and enhance customer experience. Our EDI data integration capabilities use the power of the cloud to drive fast and consistent data exchange that can handle seasonal spikes in demand while augmenting long-term business growth.

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The KOR EDI solutions advantage

KOR EDI Solutions Advantage

Explore the benefits of EDI for your industry


  • Seamlessly exchange order information
  • Maintain accurate inventory count
  • Automate repeat orders
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  • Seamlessly exchange purchase orders, functional acknowledgments, purchase order acknowledgments, and advanced shipping notices.
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  • Automated data entry with reduced errors
  • Real-time supply chain visibility
  • Faster order fulfillment
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  • Streamline exchange of documents with suppliers
  • Reduce manual processes and human error
  • Automate error-prone manual tasks
  • Improved inventory management


  • Reduced customer churn
  • Increased speed and accuracy due to reduction in order cycle
  • Cost savings due to automated order processing
  • Better visibility into inventory and supply chain


  • Predictable and accurate cash management
  • Enhanced payment security

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