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Manufacturing Industry Solutions

Manufacturing Industry Solutions

Korcomptenz - Manufacturing Industry Solutions

Manufacturing Industry Solutions

Extensive industry expertise, platform and product experience, and proven solutions to meet the digital transformation needs of mid-market manufacturing companies.

Industry Overview

Modern manufacturing is driven by technology. The heart of a manufacturing company is Enterprise Resource Planning software and the intelligent services that manage production lines and supply chains while providing visibility across the entire process. Ensuring your manufacturing processes are optimized to increase capacity, reduce waste, and provide the analytics for future improvements requires a partner that understands both the software and the industry.

Lean Manufacturing

Supply Chain Management

Business Process Automation

Business Intelligence + Data Analytics

Fractured Technology Ecosystems

Stringent Compliance Requirements

Solving Business Challenges, Providing Competitive Advantage

KORCOMPTENZ affordable transformation solutions provide lasting value for mid-market manufacturing companies by combining industry experience and technical skills to solve organizational challenges and outpace your competition. KORCOMPTENZ specializes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and earlier versions to meet the needs of next generation manufacturing.

Intelligent Manufacturing Software

Automated Supply Chain Management

Procurement + Distribution Optimization

Cloud Infrastructure + Scalable IT Services

Demand + Cashflow Forecasting Forecasting

Business Intelligence + Data Analytics

Experience at a Glance

KORCOMPTENZ solutions support some of the highest performing mid-market manufacturing companies in the world.

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Number of Projects Completed
Number of Customers Served

Supporting Products + Services

KORCOMPTENZ offers a full range of affordable technology transformation services for the manufacturing industry. From improving your supply chain management to generating important insights, we can help you solve business challenges and gain competitive advantage.

KORCOMPTENZ is a trusted technology transformation provider. KORCOMPTENZ's secure, scalable architecture allows organizations to launch quickly and effectively, generating real results with the ability to integrate additional data, systems, and ongoing advocacy after launch. Request a consultation today for a no-cost estimate.