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We live in a perfect storm of global pandemic, increasingly rapid climate change, economic uncertainty, racial injustice, rising national populism, record numbers of refugees, and increased food insecurity. Nonprofits are needed now more than ever, yet COVID and the resulting economic uncertainty has disrupted everything from mission delivery, to where we work physically, and how to deliver services to beneficiaries.

Non-profit organizations are under increasing pressure to optimize their operations, maintain legal and regulatory compliance, and grow their donor base. Their ongoing success is driven by adopting technology to overcome challenges and improve the experience for all stakeholders. Successful organizations need a partner that both understands the non-profit sector and is adept at implementing cost-effective technology transformation solutions. This is where Korcomptenz can help.

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Korcomptenz can help

KORCOMPTENZ’s affordable transformation solutions provide lasting value to non-profit organizations by combining sector experience and technical skills to solve challenges and grow your donor base. KORCOMPTENZ specializes in both front-end donor experience and back-end management software.

Why Korcomptenz?

Exclusive Offers

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can get you access to grants and discounts for Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power BI and more.

Innovative technology

As a Managed Service Provider with 17+ years of experience, Korcomptenz can provide you with innovative technology that helps you to do more with less. We offer Consultation, Implementation, Customization, Integration, and Support services, enabling you to focus on what matters while we take care of the rest.

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Our non-profit solutions are powered by the Microsoft Cloud.

Microsoft Cloud for Non-Profit – Features

Constituent Management
360-degree view and tracking of constituent’s data, and complete history of engagement with the organization.
Campaign Management Campaign creation and tracking.
Multi-channel Marketing
  • Market campaigns and events through various channels.
  • Personalized outreach.
Program Delivery
Define & Track Programs from Strategy to Execution Define hierarchy of programs and projects and track activities.
Delivery of programmatic services directly to beneficiaries
Donation Management
Donation Processing Acknowledgement of donation, tracking pledges and donations from individuals and institutions
Payment Integration Integration with payment processing platform for all types of donations
Volunteer Management
Lifecycle Management
  • Volunteer strategy
  • Recruit, onboard, train, & offboard
  • Plan—Organize volunteers with sign-ups, scheduling, and assignment
Monitoring and Evaluation
Outcome’s tracking, log frames, measuring program efficacy
Using AI/machine learning and data mining aggregate program and operational data to gain insights
Grant and Award Management
Award Management 360-degree view of the award details
Sub-recipient Management Tracking of sub-recipients/sub-awards to the grant.
Results Tracking Set performance & track progress throughout the life of the grant
Beneficiary Management
Beneficiary Management
  • 360-degree view of the services that the beneficiary has utilized, relationships staff and donations
Case Management
  • A goal-oriented process handling cases from opening to closure, coordinating services between an individual and a case manager, providing services to an individual.
Insights & Analytics

Who do you serve? We can help!

Korcomptenz has 17 + years of experience in addressing the needs of various industries. The non-profit industry is full of people who are mission-driven and passionate, who wish to make a difference in the world. But resource constraints and other challenges limit their ability to achieve success. This is where Microsoft Cloud and Korcomptenz can help. With Microsoft’s innovative technology and Korcomptenz’s technology expertise, we are committed to delivering only the very best solutions to our non-profit customers.

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