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Non-Profit Sector Solutions

Non-Profit Sector Solutions

Korcomptenz - Non-Profit Sector Solutions

Non-Profit Sector Solutions

Extensive expertise, front-end and back-end experience, and proven solutions to meet the digital transformation needs of the non-profit sector.

Industry Overview

Non-profit organizations are under increasing pressure to optimize their operations, maintain legal and regulatory compliance, and grow their donor base. Their ongoing success is driven by adopting technology to overcome challenges and improve the experience for all stakeholders. Successful organizations need a partner that both understands the non-profit sector and is adept at implementing cost-effective technology transformation solutions.

Legacy Financial + Grant Management Systems

Limited Reporting + Expensing Capabilities

Rapid Pace of Technological Change

Poor Donor + Visitor Experience

Regulatory + Compliance Challenges

Limited Collaboration + Cloud Software Adoption

Solving Business Challenges, Providing Competitive Advantage

KORCOMPTENZ affordable transformation solutions provide lasting value to non-profit organizations by combining sector experience and technical skills to solve challenges and grow your donor base. KORCOMPTENZ specializes in both front-end donor experience and back-end management software.

Non-Profit Financial + Grant Management Software

Donor + Stakeholder Acquistion + Retention

Compliance + Security Solutions

Scalable Cloud Services

Collobaration + Management Platforms

Business Intelligence + Data Analytics

Experience at a Glance

KORCOMPTENZ solutions support some of the most prominent non-profit organizations in the world.

Years in the Market
Number of Projects Completed
Number of Customers Served

Project Spotlight: Cloud Collaboration for Non-Profits

The Challenge

  • Legacy Software + Network Architecture with low Uptime and no Collaboration Tools
  • Lack of a Formal Security, Patching, Anti-virus, and Other Important Policies
  • No Auditable History of Incidents Involving Residents, Resulting in Possible Legal Exposure

The Solution

  • Software and Network Improvements for All Associates
  • Standardized Build, Access, and Security Protocols
  • Fully Auditable Incident History and Tracking Tools

The Results

  • 12X Reducition in the Time Required to Process Support Requests
  • 33% Increase in Network Uptime and Device Availability
  • 3X the Number of Associates Supported with the Same Staff

Supporting Products + Services

KORCOMPTENZ offers a full range of affordable technology transformation services for the non-profit sector. From improving your financial management to generating important insights, we can help you solve business challenges and gain competitive advantage.

KORCOMPTENZ is a trusted technology transformation provider. KORCOMPTENZ's secure, scalable architecture allows organizations to launch quickly and effectively, generating real results with the ability to integrate additional data, systems, and ongoing advocacy after launch. Request a consultation today for a no-cost estimate.