Successful logistics, shipping, and freight companies are driven by a combination of high-performance operations, advanced technology, and streamlined customer experience. High performing organizations leverage intelligent software, sophisticated process automation, self-service tools, and advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things to unlock the potential in their business. Logistics companies need to partner with organizations that understand the rapid pace and technical complexities to recommend solutions that solve business challenges and gain competitive advantage.

Does Your Logistics Business Experience Any Of These Challenges?

Korcomptenz affordable transformation solutions provide lasting value to logistics and shipping companies by combining industry experience and technical skills to solve organizational challenges and outpace your competition. Korcomptenz specializes in both customer facing and backend applications.

Key Digital Transformation Areas for Logistics

Lux research has identified three major transformation areas for logistics and transportation:

  • Agility
  • Sustainability
  • Visibility

Optimize Every Aspect of Your Operations

How We Partner with Logistics Companies

Trust the technology and industry experts at Korcomptenz to help solve your business challenges and gain competitive advantage for your logistics organization.

Korcomptenz is a true partner that invests in the technologies you need to succeed. Our proven Center of Excellence delivery model supports efforts to both run and transform your business, enabling you to take advantage of pilot programs and proofs of concepts of next generation technology before a full rollout.

Co-innovate Co-create

Korcomptenz has over 15 years of experience in business process automation, helping logistics companies unlock new potential in their organization. We let you and your team focus on growing your business while we handle the technology details one successful engagement at a time

Automation Experts

Korcomptenz does more than help you report on your data and generate new insights. We help you predict adverse events before they occur and model potential scenarios using proven machine learning models for predictive maintenance, connected factories, financial forecasting, and more.

Advanced Analytics

Korcomptenz is always investing in the cutting edge of innovation, helping our customers track their assets with sophisticated sensors, predict failures, streamline data collection and reporting. We collaborate with our logistics customers to identify the right technology for your transformational business need.

Next Generation Technology

Korcomptenz full stack technology expertise enables us to deliver innovative programs that help you better connect with and service your customers, including automated solutions. We can help connect your customers to real time data about their account, deploy chatbots for innovating support models, online payments, and other self-service tools that will help you retain and grow your accounts.

Customer Experience

Solutions Offered

ERP and CRM Services Enterprise Web Content Management Cloud Services Management Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
How to select your ERP and CRM in the logistics industry Modernize your website Gain peace of mind and save money in the cloud Predictive maintenance and management models using Azure
Comprehensive implementation and support models Engage more users and attract more visitors Learn more about how managed services provide stability and efficiency Explore how PowerBI can generate insights and efficiencies
Learn more about the impact of BI on your business
eCommerce Implementation Customer Journey + Acquisition Omni Channel Presence Data Security and Compliance
Sell direct to your B2B and B2C customers Digitize your customer journey and maximize conversions Upgrade to a modern online and in person experience Protect your network and data from intrusions
Allow your customers to pay online with advanced options Transform your business with self-service features Recognize your customers and sell anywhere, anytime Ensure your software, servers, and other devices are up-to-date
Infrastructure Management Solutions System Integration and Unified View Web Application Management Solutions
Support your infrastructure with a human touch Access a unified view of your complete operations Protect and upgrade your website
Easily grow and scale with a proven partner Integrate disparate systems to reduce redundancy and share data Ensure your mobile apps are up to date and compatible/td>

Enabling Digital Transformation In The Logistics Industry

Solutions designed for logistics and shipping

Customer and vendor portals for logistics and shipping

Predictive analytics and business intelligence services for logistics and shipping

CRM and ERP solutions for logistics and shipping

Internet of Things and real-time asset tracking for logistics and shipping

Marketing automation or logistics and shipping

Cloud services management for logistics and shipping

Case Studies And Resources For Logistics

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