Posted on May 3, 2018

The top 5 marketing tools everyone needs to know

In the era of consumer engagement, a basic website has become only a small part of the customer’s digital experience. The key to winning hearts online is to provide a personalized experience across web, email, social, and other marketing platforms. It’s vital for marketers to deploy automation tools in conjunction with their website to ensure that customers are provided maximum attention without manual intervention. That’s why an 51% of all companies utilize some platform to automate their marketing efforts on the internet.

Enterprises using the world’s most popular CMS – WordPress – need to know how to incorporate marketing automation features in their platform.  As is often the case, WordPress’s support for plugins ensures that most functionality can be incorporated quickly and easily. From simple forms to complex integrations with enterprise information systems such as a CRM, there are numerous plugins that enable enterprises running WordPress websites to enjoy the full potential of marketing automation.

This post takes a closer look at the top 5 plug-ins that every WordPress marketer needs to know about in 2018.

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights

Google Analytics for WPGoogle is one of the most trusted sources to identify traffic patterns and determine search engine performance. Google Analytics is one of the most sophisticated web analytics tools on the market, and marketers can dig into it to obtain essential information about their visitors. The team at Monster Insights have brought the Google Analytics plugin directly into WordPress and it has been downloaded over 15 million times, allowing millions of website owners a 360 degree view of their visitor base. If you favor data driven marketing strategies in 2018, this plugin should be the first priority on your to-do list.


IntercomIntercom is a personalized messaging and chat support plug-in that also integrates seamlessly with your WordPress website. You can create a custom chatbot to interact with your visitors and enable automation of standard responses. Even if you don’t have a human customer associate available to respond to every inquiry, no visitor is left unattended. The tool can be customized for a variety of integrated email and push message notifications and can generate reports that provide quality marketing insights.


BloomEvery marketer’s strategy should include email outreach. With Bloom, your WordPress powered site gets a powerful email marketing tool that enables better personalization, opt-in forms for data and lead scoring, themes for better usability and much more. The data on your leads will help you offer better campaigns in future. Bloom’s high-quality opt-in forms and easy integration to your WordPress website help you capture the essential data and segment campaings. With 100’s of customizable templates and plenty of automated triggers, Bloom is one marketing plugin you need to consider in 2018.


LeadinFor most marketers, a website is the perfect channel to study user responses and provide personalized recommendations to drive instant engagement. An effective tracking mechanism is required to support this functionality, and Leadin lets you do just that. Developed by HubSpot, Leadin effectively tracks a visitor behavior and provides a suitable product or service recommendation based on their interests. Delivering the right product recommendation at the right time considerably improves the chances of a lead converting into a customer. Best of all, it can integrate with your CRM or customer information management systems to automatically sync information that customers provide on contact forms. This provides a measurable time savings by eliminating the manual data entry processes for marketers. In addition, the data can be diligently used for smart campaigns for further marketing and related lead generation strategies.

Proofread Bot

Proofread BotAs far as a website is concerned, content is your biggest attraction for readers. The more intriguing and interesting it is, the more engaged readers will be on your site. The more time they spend, the greater your chances of converting them into customers, but all it takes is a small spelling mistake or flawed grammar to reduce their interest level. It’s important to have your content checked for flawlessness and brevity. Proofread Bot is a great plugin that helps you identify even the smallest textual errors in your website’s content and eliminate them before they go live and impact a potential customer. This handy tool can check a wide range of items including grammatical errors, plagiarism, formatting and language styles, and much more.

Together, these five plugins can drive innovation and automation in a WordPress powered website, allowing marketers to take advantage of and respond to the dynamics of their target audiences.  What plugins are you using?

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