Power Platform is Dominating the Digital Age of AI-Powered Low-Code Application Development


Microsoft’s Power Platform is reimagining app development with AI-enabled low-code development. The technology giant has recently announced Copilot in Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Automate to make app development accessible to more people so that they can build innovative solutions by leveraging natural language. All you need to do is imagine your solution and describe it in plain language. Copilot will do the rest, building it for you using an intelligent and intuitive low-code experience. Copilot will help speed up software development for professional and citizen developers alike. 

Microsoft Power Platform has been on a continuous journey to enable coders with AI-driven software development experiences since 2021. Power Apps, a component of Microsoft Power Platform, was one of the first solutions to employ GPT in the business market. The express design in Power Apps has helped creators transform their images, drawings, as well as Figma documents automatically into application user interfaces or UIs. The combination of low code and artificial intelligence changes the way solutions are developed and changes the way individuals work, organize their teams, collaborate, and build. This advancement highlights the transformative capabilities of the Dynamics 365 Power Apps platform.

Infusing AI in Low-Code Development

Infusing AI in Low-Code Development

Overview of Copilot

With the use of Copilot, Microsoft’s Power Platform is ushering AI technology into Power Automate, Power Apps, and Power Virtual Agents. Application creators have a live in-studio Copilot to assist them in developing solutions as well as offering recommendations for further enhancements. To build an app, bot, or flow, you simply need to describe it in natural language and Copilot will build that application in a matter of minutes! It’s as simple as that. 

Power Apps will create an app in seconds, including data tables and complex back-end logic. For instance, you can ask Copilot to build a time and expense solution for your staff to manage their reports or an application for automating the process of creation and approval of customer invoices. 

Advanced AI-enabled Copilot seeks to modernize the way you develop and communicate with apps. With the help of sophisticated, next-generation language models, Microsoft Power Platform is taking the idea of coding in general to another level. Moving past low-code and custom code, the next step is natural language processing where machines and humans team up to develop applications.

Copilot’s capabilities are available for app makers as well as end-users. By explaining your requirement via a chain of conversational steps, you can now develop an application, complete with vital information. Further, Copilot-enabled experiences could be integrated into your apps, letting users find insights via conversation rather than clicks. 

Using Copilot to Improve Your Apps

Copilot makes it simpler to store data centralized for each application. All you need to do is to prompt Copilot about your app’s purpose so that a data table could be automatically created for it. Make the best use of natural language processing technology to further improve your application based on your business requirements. So, this is how Microsoft Power Platform simplifies app development, allowing seasoned developers save much of their valuable time, and concentrate more on intricate components, codes, as well as integrations.

Improved Efficiency

Power Automate helps increase organizational efficiency by digitizing repetitive and tiresome business processes, and the Copilot in Power Automate provides an additional boost by automating the development of your workflows. App creators can build flows in no time, irrespective of complications leveraging natural language as well as the in-studio Copilot. This makes Power Automate an essential tool for organizations seeking power automation solutions to streamline their operations and enhance productivity.

Microsoft Power Platform predicts that app creators can radically lower time to market by employing Copilot. According to the preview introduced in October last year, we have already witnessed a 50 percent time reduction in building Power Automate workflows by using Copilot.

Smart Conversational Bots

You can design smart chatbots to manage a broad spectrum of topics, contextual knowledge, and responses. The bots take some time to create regardless of low code. However, app makers are aided by shortcuts when creating and modifying intelligent bots using Copilot in Virtual Agents to develop smart conversational bots in less time than ever before. 

App creators can make the most out of an in-studio Copilot that employs generative artificial intelligence to create and improve topics via NLP. Using Copilot, Microsoft Power Platform eliminates these obstacles and speeds up chatbot development.

Enhanced User Experience through AI

Besides Copilot and the latest create text with GPT model within AI builder and chat boosters in Power Virtual Agents declarations, the tech giant Microsoft is also coming up with an additional set of AI-enabled competencies across the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. It means simplifying the user experience with integrated GPT-powered chatbots in Microsoft Power Apps providing you with an in-app assistant. This also incorporates data discovery in Power Apps to assist users in intelligent probing of their information for instant and usable insights.

Innovate with Copilot

Low code provides you the opportunity to develop innovative solutions, irrespective of your technical skills. The integration between Microsoft Power Platform and generative AI radically increases the accessibility of low-code software development to bring your imagination to life using Copilot. Even IT departments can manage the AI transformation and empower their businesses to modernize at scale, simultaneously controlling and monitoring solutions, app creators, and information with integral admin as well as governance tools.

Create an Array of Applications

Low-code platforms let you build a gamut of applications and digital solutions. These include:

Why Korcomptenz?

Korcomptenz is a Microsoft Gold Partner with 19+ years of experience.  We specialize in the Power Platform, Azure, and the full Dynamics 365 Suite of Applications. We excel in providing cost-effective digital transformation services using Microsoft Power Platform to help you engage with your prospects and customers, empower your business with artificial intelligence, and speed up your business outcomes.

Our technical consultants with low-code software development skills will help you create solutions to save you money and time, and increase productivity.  Learn how you can further boost your business productivity with Microsoft 365 Copilot by contacting us for a complementary consultation

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