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The educational world is changing dramatically. New technology enables innovation in the classroom and throughout the educational institutions. Thriving organizations will adapt to the rise of EdTech as the new normal, adopting the best software and platforms.

Korcomptenz offers a unique combination of cost-effective EdTech and technology know-how to transform your institution into an innovation center, offering benefits to students and staff alike while helping you cope with a changing educational environment.

Are You Facing Any Of These Challenges?

Korcomptenz has 17 years of experiencing providing affordable, tailor-made technology solutions designed specifically for the education industry. The goal is to provide your students and staff with best-in-class educational tools to promote innovative learning, streamline your operations, and improve the overall experience.

Poor method of assessmentsPoor management systemLimited interactionLack of securityPoor onlinelearning experienceNo real time access tolearning material

Solutions Tailored For The Education Industry

The Korcomptenz Campus Management Solution built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central covers all workflows related to education such as Admission, Academics, Fee Management, Library, Timetable, Alumni, Hostel Management and Fleet.

The Campus Management (ERP & CRM) Solution allows users:

  • To maintain a database of all students
  • Generate reports and unique ID’s for all students
  • Automatically send SMS alerts of exam schedules, late submission of assignments, mess bill, non-payee of fees, etc
  • Timetable generation
  • Hostel Room Allotment
  • Mess Bill Generation and much more
Campus Management Solution

In today’s highly competitive world, students have a lot more choice when it comes to choosing a place to study. Education institutions are focusing more on converting prospective students and increasing their student retention rates. This is where the Salesforce can help.
Salesforce’s Education Cloud is a complete customer relationship management (CRM) software for the education industry. It helps:

  • To track the relationships of all the prospects, students, alumni, and donors
  • Maximize Student Engagement
  • To empower students with the tools needed to develop their future careers
  • Deliver personalized communications
  • Create a 360-degree student profile and
  • Track Student progress
Student Relationship Management

With the advent of Digitalization, more and more institutions are storing their data in the cloud. To best leverage the benefits of the Cloud, Microsoft has provided a host of cloud-based solutions and services tailored for the Education Industry. These solutions allow users to:

  • Store all their education-related content in the Cloud
  • Run websites, develop & host apps, and create project simulations on Azure Cloud Platform
  • Maintain security and compliance.
  • Safeguard sensitive student data with Microsoft’s Information Protection and Cloud App Security.
  • Defend your digital landscape with Microsoft Threat Protection.
  • Secure access to your school with Azure AD and conditional access.
Infrastructure and Cloud Solutions

Microsoft offers many productivity and collaboration tools that allow teachers and students to improve creativity, communication, and collaboration. With Microsoft’s Digital Workplace Solutions, students and teachers can:

  • Learn from anywhere and at any time with Office 365
  • Bring their ideas to life with PowerPoint
  • Manage faculty and student mobile devices with Microsoft Intune
  • Collaborate and enable Digital Learning with Microsoft Teams
  • Conduct Online Assessment with Microsoft Forms
  • Store content on OneDrive
Digital Workplace Solutions

To ensure that all students get equal and quality education, education professionals have found themselves with the need for innovative insights that allow them to easily discover trends, identify opportunities for improvement, and adapt and personalize their teaching and learning strategies. Microsoft offers Education Insights for Teams which helps teachers to:

  • Identify at-risk students with
  • Track Student Learning and class activity and
  • Identify trends in engagement and interaction

Microsoft’s Power BI also allows educational institutions to gain a 360-degree view of student performance, enrollment demographics, instructor performance, attendance tracking and more all with the help of innovative dashboards.

Education Insights

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Benefits Of EdTech

Benefits Of EdTech

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