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Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems

Korcomptenz - Web + Mobile Technology - Content Management Systems

Engage Your Visitors with Personalized Content + Empower Your Business with Improved Control over your Website

Content Management Systems have evolved from basic tools to manage website pages into powerful solutions that enable personalized connections with your target audiences and allow you greater control of your digital presence. KORCOMPTENZ is a leading provider of CMS evaluation, implementation, and support services with extensive expertise and experience in both proprietary and Open Source solutions.

Complete Range of CMS Services from Selection to Implementation + Support

Discovery System needs assessment

Evaluation + Selection

We can help you evaluate and select your next generation CMS using a proprietary process focused on your unique needs and goals. Our services include development of requirements, scorecards, vendor profiles, and calculation of your total cost of ownership.

Implementation and Support

Implementation + Support

We provide full service CMS implementation and website design and development using platform best-practices and mobile-first, responsive design. After launch, we can assist you with ongoing maintenance, patches, and technical support, including helping to manage your users and workflows.

Customization and Mobile app integration

Customization + Mobile App Integration

We have extensive experiencing customizing content management systems to meet your unique needs including third party data and mobile app integration for iOS, Android, and hybrid platforms.

There are over 3,700 web technology tools on the market, let KORCOMPTENZ help you select the ideal solution for your organization

Maximize Your Digital Reach with Supporting Services

KORCOMPTENZ Content Management System services don't stop after the build phase. We offer a wide variety of supporting services to acquire new customers and maximize your return on investment.

Ecommerce Solutions powered by Magento + Kentico

Digital Marketing

Open Source + Proprietary Systems

KORCOMPTENZ specialized in a range of open source and proprietary solutions, ensuring that we can help you select and deploy the ideal system for your organization.

CMS Service

Drupal CMS is one of the world's leading content management systems, powering best-in-class digital experiences, and allowing organizations.

CMS Service

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System in the world, supporting 75,000,000 website and blogs in every industry and for organizations of every size.

CMS Service

Kentico CMS is a great choice for your website platform, offering your organization best-in-class features at a lower cost of ownership than the competition.

CMS Service

The world's leading online storefront powered by a proven technology provider with extensive experience integrating ERP and other business management solutions.

Sitecore Adobe AEM

A Proven Process

KORCOMPTENZ employs agile methodologies to rapidly iterate and deliver complex solutions in tight time periods with important critical control points to ensure quality and consistency throughout the process. The agile methodology is supported by enterprise software to help facilitate communications and improve results.

Proven Process

Generating Real Results

Your next generation website offers your organization a unique opportunity to generate real return on investment and lower your total cost of ownership. Some of our recent campaigns have close to a 20% conversion rate, let KORCOMPTENZ show you how by requesting a complimentary consultation.



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