7 Reasons why to invest in web design?


Factors to remember while considering your Website Design

Answering the web design question depends on your specific needs and goals over the short and long term. Enterprises of all sizes use their website to showcase their products and services and to better engage with customers and prospects throughout their purchasing life cycle. Now more than ever customers and prospects are going to interact with you on online and organizations need to be aware of the techniques and strategies that will “click” with their audiences.

What is the key objective of your website2

Here are some important points to keep in mind while considering investing in your website design.

1. What is the key objective of your website?

A modern website is more than a static touch point with your customer journey. It provides information about your products and services, but also offers a targeted, personalized means to engage with the right material at the right to enhance your customer journey strategy. In some cases, organization’s will want to “wow” their visitors with an impactful look and feel. In others, you may take a more informative and educational approach to provide value to your customers and leads. In both cases, the personas you develop for your customers and the tonality of your product and service offering is critical to how you design and structure your website.

Each brand tells a story and your story must stand out from the rest in order to draw the attention of the customer. Your website is the face of your company and must be tailored to convey your story in an interactive and interesting manner. Investing in web design will ensure that your story is told with a bang and in turn ensures repeat customers.
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Invest in Web Design4

2. If user experience is a big part of your brand, do you need micro-interactions to drive the next level of engagement?

Social media has propelled micro-interactions into popular awareness, and businesses can capitalize on the trend to create richer end user experiences on their websites. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it’s the ability to interact with web posts and messages with animated expressions like the burst of hearts when you share a message on Facebook. Traditional web pages require a reload when a user interacts with interface elements, resulting in potential speed issues that could lead to higher bounce rate. Micro-interactions are all on the same page resulting in a smoother, richer experience. Creating a web design that allows users to have an interactive experience will ensure that they return to your website and will also build trust with your audience. People will not trust a poorly designed website, or one with bad content or one which takes too much time to load. By including micro – interactions this is solved.

3. What is your content management strategy?

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Personalization should be critical to your website initiatives, but you need a robust analytics engine behind the scenes to make this happen. Organization’s should emphasize the need to track user journeys, navigation patterns, average spend times and much more. The design should accommodate feedback elements that collect as much user data as possible for cleaner analytic reports. These reports would then power personalization engines that drive specific content to users based on their preferences. Talk to us about the wide range of flexible, powerful, and affordable Content Management Systems available. We specialize in Drupal, Kentico and Sitecore.

4. Your website needs to be mobile friendly

This has been a perennial trend for almost 5 years in a row, but it has only become more important over time. In 2020, a study pointed out that more than 80% of folks who own a smartphone grab it right after they wake up in the morning to access the internet. If you don’t provide a great mobile user experience, 41% of your visitors will not recommend your business and will jump to a competitor’s website according to other studies. The conversion rates for mobile sites are up by over 80% when compared to traditional desktop conversion rates. This trend is true of both B2C and B2B markets. Mobile is a dominant force and your website needs to properly address most major browsers and devices.

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5. Accessible features to make it user friendly

Invest in Web Design

Today’s mobile savvy internet users are used to scrolling quickly from top to bottom or bottom to top, and features like bottoms-up sticky elements can make a big difference in their experience. These modern features allow you to incorporate menus or other items that are attached to the top and bottom of the page, allowing users to interact with important features wherever they are in their scrolling.  (Customer are now providing self service options to customers at a click to resolve all workflow online from filing a complaint to solving insurance cases online without human intervention).

59% of customers would rather engage with content that is beautifully designed rather than simply designed while also being easier to navigate. Beautiful, interactive and user-friendly are all the elements of a good web design.

6. Does your marketing strategy include videos and multimedia?

By 2021 nearly 82% of all IP traffic will be videos which includes both consumers as well as enterprise-level usage. In 2020, video content is more important than ever, and your website needs to include the design elements and the back-end flexibility to support streaming content for both high and low bandwidth users.

Not every visitor to your website will be a voracious reader. Most humans find reading more engaging than any other visual content. 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool for just this reason. 78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day as reported by a study done by HubSpot. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text as discovered by Insivia. All the above facts shows the importance of video content to your web design.

7. Can your organization also benefit from eCommerce capabilities?

In addition to the trends identified here, it is important for organizations to consider how they can conduct business online. eCommerce isn’t just for Amazon or retail anymore. B2B businesses are increasingly investing in eCommerce solutions to provide a better experience for their customers. Companies need to consider a holistic strategy and invest in a powerful, flexible CMS that can support their immediate content management needs and next generation services like online transactions. Unlike a physical store, websites can be open 24/7 and provide your customers with access to your services or products. So, if you are planning on designing an eCommerce website, a good CMS will help you deliver better content and a better user experience.

Invest in Web Design

So, from all the above we can see that there are a variety of factors which you need to consider while considering the design of your website. All the above will make your website a better and more efficient contact point to interact with the customers which is why investing in Web design is a must.

KORCOMPTENZ is a US-based, Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner headquartered in New Jersey with extensive experience improving business outcomes for our customers, by leveraging end-to-end solutions involving the ongoing convergence of ERP, Azure Cloud, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and IoT. We specialize in Web design and content management systems like Drupal, Kentico and Sitecore. Contact Us!.

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