Mautic delivers the world’s best digital experience


Today, Mautic, an open-source marketing automation platform, is enabling the digital experiences of numerous businesses globally. If you could quickly and easily score leads based on consumer activities across the entire digital experience. If your emails – from marketing to product to sales and support – were all personalized and optimized. If you could integrate with any system, your company has bought and built. Imagine if your entire company could have a singular, end-to-end view of the Customer Journey. Imagine, then realize it with KORCOMPTENZ and Mautic.

KORCOMPTENZ becomes a certified partner of Mautic, the Open Marketing Cloud

KORCOMPTENZ announced it has become a Mautic Certified Reseller and will use this technology to help customers power Agile Customer Journeys in the competitive marketplace. Mautic offers the first Open Marketing Cloud, including a fully featured and easy-to-use marketing automation platform, as well as Maestro, a management layer for agencies and enterprises.

Mautic, one of the customer journey experts, allows companies to automate and personalize their entire customer experience across digital properties – from websites to SaaS platforms, to mobile apps – and across communication channels, including email, mobile alerts, website toolbars, and social media.

Mautic- Choice for marketing automation for all Sized Businesses

KORCOMPTENZ views Mautic’s unique Open Marketing Cloud approach as a premiere digital experience platform that allows organizations to support and integrate their customer journeys across various online and mobile platforms.

Mautic combines a full marketing automation feature set, centralized activity tracking, and reporting with powerful integration options for a wide variety of applications, from leading content management systems like WordPress to CRMs such as Salesforce. This combination of best-in-class features, and easy integration makes Mautic an ideal choice for marketing automation in businesses of all sizes.

Mautic started its open source project in 2014 to address 15 years of “old-school marketing tools” that caused companies to fall behind the market’s needs and failed to address revolutions in mobile, social, and other areas. Customers today expect a personal and seamless experience across channels, and Mautic’s tools – already used by more than 200,000 teams around the world – enable marketers to track key contact data, create personalized automated campaigns, analyze the results, and optimize in real time.

Mautic Is a Full-Featured, Modern Solution for Today’s Business

Mautic empowers marketers by connecting with customers and prospects with an industry-leading feature set.

Wrapping up:

If you want to learn how Mautic fits into your technology stack and can improve your customer’s experience across platforms using our proprietary Agile Custom Journey methodology, KORCOMPTENZ can help. We are customer journey experts, launching campaigns on behalf of our customers using Mautic that have generated an almost 20% conversion rate. Request a consultation or send an email to [email protected] today to learn how we did and how we can achieve your  business goals.

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