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Drupal CMS is one of the world’s leading content management systems, powering best-in-class digital experiences, and allowing organizations to “make something amazing, for anyone.” The solution features a unique combination of robust standard features, proven performance, excellent security, and extensibility to support dynamic websites and integrated digital frameworks. The core functionality can be easily extended with thousands of third-party add-ons available or custom modules can also be created as needed to meet specific needs. Drupal CMS can also be integrated with external services and infrastructure, providing a unique combination of power and scale.

Benefits of Using Drupal CMS Development Services

Drupal Offers Flexible, Extensible Options Tailored to Your Needs

As an open-source CMS development platform, Drupal can be hosted virtually anywhere, but is also available as a commercial product from Acquia. This offers organizations the ability to choose which hosting and management solution is best for their organization.

Choose Your Own Host Take Advantage of the Acquia Platform
Drupal CMS can be easily hosted and managed on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or another provider. Organizations can manage their own implementation, customize their processes and security posture, and take control over their entire infrastructure.
Acquia offers companies the ability to host and extend Drupal in the cloud with a fully managed solution that includes powerful features like the Site Studio and Site Factory. Acquia also offers fully integrated marketing automation, customer data platform, and document management available as add-on features.

Spotlight on Acquia

Korcomptenz is an Acquia partner and certified Campaign Studio reseller. This combination of Drupal CMS development experience backed by the leading Drupal provider enables us to offer efficient, scalable, secure solutions for all of your customer experience and engagement needs.

Acquia is an open-source company that provides a digital experience platform built on Drupal. These digital experience applications include Acquia CMS, a customized version of Drupal, Acquia Campaign Studio for marketing automation, a customer data platform, and digital asset management solutions. All Acquia products are fully managed in the cloud, enabling you to focus on your results without the worry and hassle of traditional infrastructure.

Key differentiators between Drupal Cloud Products and Marketing Cloud Products

Drupal Cloud Products Marketing Cloud Products
Migrate Accelerate
Customer Data Platform (CDP)
Migrate Replat form
Content Hub
Digital Asset Management
Cloud IDE
Campaign Factory

Key Takeaways

Wrapping it Up

Korcomptenz is a US-based digital transformation services provider, headquartered in New Jersey, specializing in many web and marketing technologies such as Drupal CMS, WordPress, Magento, Kentico, Sitecore, etc. We are also an Acquia partner and certified campaign studio reseller. Contact us now to get an assessment of the steps needed to migrate your Drupal site to its latest version.

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