Getting Ready for Drupal 9


What you need to know to move to Drupal 9

The Drupal organization has announced that support for Drupal 8 will end on November 2021.  After that, you won’t be able to access the latest updates anymore unless you upgrade to Drupal 9. If you’ve already made the move to Drupal 8, you are in good shape as upgrading to Drupal 9 is expected to a smooth and straightforward process after its released-on June 3, 2020.

Unlike other upgrades, Drupal 9 is built on top of Drupal 8, adding new features and enhancements to the architecture you already know and love.  Think of it as continuing down the same road you are on, just in a much nicer car.

If you are still on Drupal 7, however, the situation is far trickier.  There is no easy update to Drupal 8, it’s like a different road entirely.   You need to rebuild your site in either Drupal 8 or Drupal 9, a project that could take significant investment in time, resources, and dollars, especially if you have a complex site.

Given the tight timeline for ending support, sites on Drupal 7 should considering rebuilding in Drupal 8 as soon as possible, then pausing before moving to Drupal 9.  Starting that process now will give you plenty of time to budget accordingly and get the transition to Drupal 8 completed smoothly.   make the transition to Drupal 9 easier and smoother.

Benefits of Drupal 9

Steps to get ready to upgrade to Drupal 9:

In order to move to Drupal 9, the following steps need to be taken:

There are two ways to complete the above steps:

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