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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a proven solution to help you win, service and retain customers.  Organizations are riding the Digital Transformation curve, offering an opportunity to solve customer relationship management challenges and provide your organization with a differentiator that sets you apart from the competition. Quick decisions with calculated data and information that offers impactful customer value is one way to support these goals.

The Promise of CRM Platform Offerings

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be used to drive sales productivity and marketing effectiveness, handle the complete customer support chain.  The solution can also provide social insights, business intelligence, and many other state-of-the-art functionalities. Microsoft Dynamics CRM also offers full mobile support for use on apps across phones and tablets.

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How can you Improve Sales Productivity?

  • Focus on the priorities of the day and get actionable insights
  • Build relationships by harnessing old, engaging current, and creating new leads, understanding, building, and growing customer relationships
  • Spend more time selling than reporting
  • Check sales performance and fine tune your tactics

How can you Improve Customer Service?

Microsoft dynamics CRM helps personalize services based on past interactions and data.

  • Service customers from anywhere, any time
  • Proactively deliver, and empower your customers to help themselves
  • Speed up resolution times with machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities
  • Easily provide relevant information to your staff about the customer

How can you Improve Marketing Effectiveness?

  • Deliver all brand communications effectively and consistently
  • Drive revenue and marketing ROI with campaign management tools
  • Create and embrace the digital experience through Microsoft Dynamics CRM's CMS tool.

Reinvent Your Business by Adopting Digital Transformation With Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is now Microsoft Dynamics 365 and has both the features and functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Why you Should Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365?

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  • Includes the functionalities of ERP and CRM, working seamlessly together
  • Built-in Data Analytics via Power BI helps you make strategic and tactical decisions
  • Real time data information at your finger tips
  • Cloud based platform reduces the cost of on premise infrastructure
  • Integrated with a complete suite of products that includes Outlook, Office 365, Power BI, and Cortana Intelligence
  • Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow enable self-service customization and improved mobility
  • Use the apps you want and pay accordingly



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Did you know?

Microsoft is one of the largest patent holders in the United States, filing around 3,000 every year. KORCOMPTENZ can help make sure you are deploying the right technologies for your business.