ClickDimensions: Empower Your SMB Sales and Marketing

Access a robust solution tailored for small to medium businesses (SMBs), streamlining all your sales and marketing endeavors and providing increased oversight of each lead.

For an extensive period, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have faced challenges in matching the streamlined customer experience capabilities of larger enterprises, leading to issues such as fragmented handoffs and reused leads. As a result, numerous potential leads have slipped through the cracks.

Through a partnership with ClickDimensions, Korcomptenz empowers SMBs to regain command of their leads, providing a comprehensive solution that enables them to target every audience, monitor every interaction, and seamlessly integrate all aspects – all from one unified solution. This is why more than 3,000 businesses worldwide place their trust in ClickDimensions.

Lead the Way with ClickDimensions

For Microsoft Dynamics 365

Using cutting-edge industry technology, we’ve developed the premier marketing platform tailored for Microsoft Dynamics 365 users. Our technological innovations empower users to attain their sales and marketing objective seamlessly, facilitated by native integrations spanning marketing automation, smart dashboards, social solutions, and sales enaggement.

Strengthen Your Business with Marketing Solutions


Combining the ClickDimensions tactic with Korcomptenz’s distinctive methodology creates a structured approach aimed at optimizing your marketing endeavors within the ClickDimensions platform. It encompasses strategic planning, implementation, and ongoing optimization to ensure businesses achieve their marketing objectives efficiently. By leveraging data-driven insights and best practices, the methodology empowers organizations to drive engagement, generate leads, and foster lasting customer relationships.

Connect with Every Potential Customer

By engaging with each of your target demographics in their preferred communication channels.

Monitor Every Interaction

Access real-time revenue insights throughout the entire customer journey consolidated into a single platform.

Integrate All Components

By consolidating all your sales and marketing endeavors to build a seamless, unified customer experience.

Empower Your Marketing Efforts with Our Comprehensive Services

Are you equipped to handle everything? More and more, marketing teams are finding themselves unable to keep pace. They lack the time and resources required for today’s marketing success. Korcomptenz and ClickDimensions understand that modern marketers require more than just technology to reach their objectives and meet business goals. That’s why we’re delighted to provide a comprehensive array of marketing services to our clients. Here are some of the primary benefits of leveraging tailored Marketing Services:

Familiar with Your Technology

Our marketing specialists are ClickDimensions certified and well-versed in Microsoft Dynamics 365. With no learning curve, we can immediately harness your CRM and marketing automation tech for optimal results. 

Customized Support

We can either handle it for you or guide you through, based on your top goals, ensuring your business objectives are met. With our strategic advice and expert execution, you can concentrate on more impactful endeavors. 

Maximize ROI

Expand beyond email marketing with our services to unlock the full potential of your marketing technology investment, ensuring long-term success through diversified strategies and enhanced audience engagement. 

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